Anne Casey, our head honcho 

Anne started Marketing Minds to help take small to medium businesses to the next level – the Anne level. She’s all about leveraging her networks and partners to win over the clients the right way – by getting results for them.

Anne has spent the last 23 years honing her skills, making friends and admirers in senior international marketing and advertising management roles for Kiwi icons like Farmers Trading Company, ZieraShoes and Pumpkin Patch Ltd, just to name a few. Anne then showed off her skills by co-founding in 2007.

Anne has done everything in marketing from strategy to execution, direct marketing to advertising, and social media to market research. She hasn’t just mastered bricks and mortar marketing either – Anne’s also an expert when it comes to e-commerce marketing, having worked in both arenas all over the world, including Australia, the USA, and Hong Kong. Maybe it’s the caffeine, or maybe she’s just an Energizer Bunny – either way, she just keeps going!

Anne Casey   PG DipGrad, BCom

Anne Casey 
PG DipGrad, BCom



It may be a cliché but with Lizzie it’s her mantra – help others do well and you will do well. She is passionate about what she does and working with passionate people is her currency.

Lizzie has done the ground work with 18 years of FMCG sales experience honing skills in industries including dairy, health & beauty and household goods working across all retail channels. Her marketing experience spans the health & beauty, pharmaceutical and wine industries – whether it be brand strategy, product launch, customer engagement, PR, digital strategy or event management Lizzie has been there.

With her experience in brand marketing and sales across both large and small companies throughout NZ and Australia, Lizzie has now found her happy place bringing her knowledge and expertise to our Marketing Minds’ clients.



Allie is our SEO expert (or self-confessed SEO ‘nerd’) – Online Marketing is her game and she’s good at it! If your gut feeling is you’re missing opportunities to capture more business online – you’re probably right. Allie’s job as an online marketing specialist is to prove your instincts correct through research-based facts – no smoke and mirrors, just cold hard stats. She’s got the experience to back up her instinct too because she’s done the hard yards of website optimisation for over 20 years and both for her own businesses and for 100s of customers, small and medium sized, around the world.

Allie has her eye on the customer first and believes in sound research on customer behaviour to get the absolute best results. If you don’t know who your customers are and how they’re searching to find you, your design and optimisation efforts are a stab in the internet dark at best. 

She has all those letters after her name that make her legit and we love that she has chosen NZ over the UK as her home and is part of the Marketing Minds team.



Ramani is our ASEAN business partner based in Malaysia with networks extending across the region. Not only does he have extensive experience in the business and political arena but is also an experienced news editor and PR specialist including speech writing, media advisory and information technology.

Ramani is keen to promote the power of social media to help politicians and businesses to have a better understanding of and visibility in ‘cyberspace’. Not only is Ramani a fantastic business, political and media guru, he’s also developed digital platforms, has a computer science degree from the UK and is even skilled up on cyber security.


Meet Sophie Blue, our Australian arm based in Sydney

Sophie's illustrious PR and journalism career has spanned more than 25 years, in which time she has managed Emirates Airline, 3M Australia, Google, News Limited, Bayer Australia, AJC, and Nike. Somehow she manages to “just do it.” We don’t know how, but it’s probably her outstanding strategic and project management skills.

In addition to all of her hands-on real world experience, Sophie is a lecturer in PR at the University of Technology Sydney and Raffles College of Design and Commerce. Although she doesn’t like to brag, Sophie has also won a Mercury International Award and no less than four PRIA Golden Targets – who knows, maybe you’ll be her fifth?

Sophie is the absolute go-to expert in crisis and issues management counselling, she’s that cool head you need around you. We don’t claim Sophie is perfect though; she has a terrible habit of taking over the stereo at parties! If you’re ever in Sydney and want to take her out for a drink, her favourite tipple is vodka mojito with crushed ice and plenty of fresh mint.


Meet Mark Palad, passion-driven and dedicated

Mark's passion is in marketing and media. While in The Philippines, Mark studied journalism and had been working in the media industry for the last 5 years. He's worked for the main TV station there as well as for a global media agency. While working with Marketing Minds, Mark is also finishing his post graduate studies. His love for delivering more than expected coupled with his experience in most facets of media and marketing makes Mark invaluable. His recommendations are always practical yet effective.

Mark is driven and is always after new challenges. His passion for research and insight as well dedication earned him the nick name of our resident 'Sherlock Holmes' - he is often the one that poses the right questions and searches for the answers and ensures we're going for gold in everything we do.


Elsa Sun

Elsa is our in-house Chinese expert at Marketing Minds. She has graduated in with marketing qualifications in both China and New Zealand and has received so many Top Achiever awards along the way that we lose count – Elsa is one smart cookie.

We are therefore incredibly lucky to have her working on the Chinese marketing programs we offer including WeChat marketing and of course she is our resident Chinese translator.

Her passion is travelling and sampling local foodie delights. Originating from Jiangsu, we think Elsa knows more about New Zealand than most Kiwi natives after spending over two years here now!



We have the generations covered at Marketing Minds. Introducing our ‘Gen Z’ - Adeline.

Currently studying marketing and communications at Auckland University she is passionate about all things media related and believes that it allows creativity to form and develop in all aspects of life. 

This shows through in her work as well as her love for design, baking and music.

Honesty, compassion and humility are still the best 'policies' by her regard and that's in everything she does. You would not know the meaning of the word 'conscientious' until you've met Adeline - she's the queen of diligence and when something needs doing, she'll be the one taking on the challenge with gusto!

All she needs is a bit of chocolate and her Border Collie x Bernese Mountain dog, Nash to keep her happy and striving for the best.

Sharing The Magic Of Giving

One thing that we truly believe in is to help communities in need. It is through LinkedIn that Sovannarith and we were connected. Sovannarith founded Angkor Legacy Academy (ALA). This is a non-profit organisation located in Cambodia and their mission is to provide assistance to the poorest families in Lolei Villate. Please visit their website (It's not perfect but Sovannarith has done it all himself). Please join us in helping put food on their table and giving them hope and future. READ MORE.. 

You Are Who You Surround Yourself With.  

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That's why we work only with the best for graphic design, copywriting, adwords, PR, media specialists, mailhouses and more! 

Our knowledge in each of these industries enables us to match the requirements of our clients with expert providers to make sure the work gets done, and gets done well