Handy linkedin tip: 

managing your company page

Your Company Page is a great way to present your company to the world. Images help to make the profile brighter and more appealing. The Company Page feature is available on a free LinkedIn platform. LinkedIn has recently redesigned the LinkedIn Company pages and are adding new features such as The Life Tab. 

(The Overview Tab cover image is recommended at 1192 w x 220 h pixels. The smaller overview tab image should be 490 w x 240 h pixels.)

If you have enhanced your Company page with Careers Page feature currently being rolled out over time you have access to Life Tab. Look out for the pop up below to add change to this feature.

The Life Tab is a great way to present your companies culture and people to LinkedIn viewers. You can use photos, testimonials, content, and more. Your employees can contribute to this as well to build a picture of Life at your company. This is also great information for prospective employees when you are recruiting.

The photo options you now have are :

1.         Overview tab image

2.         Hero image (also accepts embedded Youtube or Vimeo video URLs)

3.         Custom Module images (also accepts Youtube or Vimeo video URLs)

4.        Company Photos

Viewers can click on an image from the Company Photos section of the Life tab to view a larger version of the photo.

Tip:  For the ‘company photos’ area you need to use recommended size image rather than the minimum, otherwise images will probably appear smaller when they are clicked on. The minimum is 264 w x 176 h but the recommended is 900 w x 600 h. 

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