marketing is all about creating customers

and growing your business.

But what is the best way to achieve that?

Here's how marketing minds can help.


Market Validation

This is for businesses that are wanting to enter a new segment or new market in NZ or export into Australia, Asia or United States. With this, Marketing Minds offers market insights, market entry positioning, strategy and plan.

Brand Architecture and Development

Ensuring your brand is right is critical for every business. Whether it is a new brand, rebranding or a refresh of your current brand, we will help ensure that you get it right from the start and also help to implement the transition

Launch with Confidence (startups or new category)

Marketing Minds will provide the expertise to for a strategy, communication plan to grow both brand awareness, leads and sales in ways that are cost effective.

Accelerate your Growth (trading for 3+ years)

Marketing Minds offers a 360- degree review of your marketing, industry and trends in order to improve your marketing performance, identify new growth opportunities and ensure the right budget allocation. We will also assist you with implementation and become part of your marketing team.

Digital Marketing

From online and social media advertising to Search Optimisation and ensuring website conversion, we will evaluate these for your and ensure the best plan forward.
You may have an existing SEO/ Adwords company assisting you right now, and Marketing Minds can act independently to evaluate their performance and ensuring that they are doing the best job they can. Alternatively we can help you get set up with an integrated marketing approach to allow the best performance possible from your digital marketing.

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Reaching NZ Asian Migrants and Communities

Whether it is Chinese, Indians or South East Asians, We can help develop a strategy, plan and communicate to these target segments.

This can be an effective way to test your products and to grow your export markets through creating brand awareness among the migrants in NZ and ensuring Word Of Mouth helps with your market penetration. Learn More...

WeChat Marketing

If you are wanting to market to Chinese consumers (both in NZ and overseas) using the WeChat as the core, we are able to assist. We can help with a WeChat marketing and communications plan including training on how to implement the plan and ongoing messaging in Chinese via WeChat. 

Our partnership with PayPlus the appointed NZ WeChat Service Provider means that we can deliver on some unique benefits that other companies can't. Learn more about the scope and potential that WeChat marketing can do for your business

Asian Marketing Implementation

Marketing Minds can be extension of your team and help you manage all activities related to marketing to the Asian markets.

This can include ensuring your brand values are retained across the markets, coordinating the translation, media placement, monitoring, reporting and managing the various platforms including your WeChat Official Account.

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Marketing Training and Coaching

If you are wanting to understand how to think like a marketer and learn the necessary marketing skills, Marketing Minds will share our knowledge and guide you in the best marketing methodology and help you every step of the way.

LinkedIn Training

We will train you and your team on how to use LinkedIn as a branding platform, for leads acquisition as well as a marketing tool.
Our programmes range from beginners, intermediate and advanced as well as customised programmes specifically for your business. Learn More about our LinkedIn training programmes

Google Analytics Literacy

Learn for yourself how to read and understand Google Analytics. Often, SEO and Adwords can make up a large part of the spend of small businesses. With this critical knowledge, you will be armed with the ability to evaluate the performance of your SEO and Adwords team.

Social Media Training

From Facebook to Instagram, LinkedIn to Pinterest, if you would like to understand how they work and how you can use it as part of your marketing arsenal, we can help you.

Content Marketing Planning & Coaching

If you are in a businesses where service or knowledge is your product, content marketing is the key way to market. We will help you develop a system and give you all the tricks on ensuring effective content publishing and sharing. All with the objective of creating awareness and generating leads.

Marketing Implementation

Marketing Minds can work as your marketing department and help ensure that you get the strategic input as well as the efficient execution of all your marketing activities. Talk to us today to see what we can do for you!

Not sure if you can afford this?
Marketing Minds is a NZTE registered service provider. It may be possible to get up to 50% of our services funded. Alternatively we are happy to look at a payment plan.

What clients say about Marketing Minds? 

''I've worked with Marketing Minds for almost 10 months now and have found very professional and knowledgeable. They initially helped us with our sales incentive rewards programme and since then Marketing Minds has become our marketer. The work that they have done include client survey, optimising website traffic and conversion, rationalising our marketing spend, new product/ range launches, regular e-newsletters and most recently rebuilding of our website. Anne and her team made a real difference to our business- for example the insights from the client survey gave us the confidence in our pricing structure and helped us form our business strategy. The review of our website resulted in us being able to successfully increase our website conversion by an average of 3.5% while reducing our ad spend by 10%. I enjoy our business relationship with Marketing Minds and I value their contribution to the growth of my company''.

Clive Ashworth | Managing Director Aspect Blinds

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It’s not a one-size-fits-all package.  

With Marketing Minds, you can ask us to do as much, or as little, as you want. 

Think of us as your marketing task force…ready to do what it takes, to help you grow sales and build a sustainable business advantage.