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Recently, LinkedIn has released a new format for ‘Privacy and Settings’. We have prepared an outline so you can see the new look of this setting and we also provided explanations on each section.

Like LinkedIn says, ‘You’re the boss of your own account!’, so enjoy reading and take note of the new format in order to maximise these changes.



Below is the previous look of ‘Privacy and Setting’:

MMinds Website-Previous Privacy And Setting.png

With the new format, LinkedIn divided the ‘Privacy and Settings’ into three sections and these are the following:


The Account section is the first step that you need to look into when setting up your account. You will notice that this is categorised into three parts:

  • Basics
  • Third Parties
  • Subscription

This is where you find the basic settings such as changing password, managing LinkedIn through WeChat and purchasing LinkedIn Premium, if you are interested. Below is the actual look of this section:


In this section, you will see all security precautions and privacy guidelines. Similar to Account section, you will also notice that this is sub-divided into different parts, which are the following:

  • Profile Privacy
  • Blocking And Hiding
  • Data Privacy And Advertising
  • Security

Aside from managing your privacy, you can also edit your advertising profile, block or hide your connections and notify people that you have been mentioned in a certain article.

Here's an additional insight where you can set-up what others see when you’ve viewed their profile

  • Click on the ‘Privacy’ and look for ‘Profile Viewing Options (See the orange box below to easily identify the specific section)
  • You may now select what others see when you’ve viewed their profile
MMinds Website- Privacy.png


This is the section where you can manage your communications and how frequently you want to be visible with your connections. It is also divided into three parts:

  • Basics
  • Groups
  • LinkedIn Messages

Below is the sample image of this section:


Now that you're already familiar with the new format of LinkedIn's Privacy And Settings, you can now manage all the necessary settings you want to change. If you are still confused and not yet ready to use the new format, there's an option to view the previous version. However, we recommend that you start learning these changes because they might remove the option after some transition period. 

It is also good practice to regularly check your settings, as they might revise the format without any prior notice. 

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