Sure, we talk a good talk
and yes, we definitely walk the walk too

What drives us is the difference we are able to make to the businesses of our clients and as a result, we become part of each other's extended team. This is why we are selective as to who we work with so that we can dedicate ourselves fully to you. It is not how big you are - It is who you are and what drives you. Our integrity, professionalism and drive underpin everything we do.  

So, who are our clients you may ask? 

Our friends - that's how we like to think of our clients, range from individuals at the early ideas stage right through to established companies turning over $20 million p.a.  From manufacturers to retailers, Software as a Service (SaaS) to consumer products, service providers to governing bodies, we are diverse and adaptable. 

Here are a few examples of how we have helped businesses reach their goals.

The Right Tools in Their Toolbox!

The Situation: Our client is a long established company supplying the trade industry. With a recent addition of a new company that supplies consumers, the company needed guidance on the best way forward. We made sure they had all the right marketing tools to get the job done right!

How we helped: We identified that in order to achieve growth for both business, there needed to be a clear separation of companies. Each facet of the business was a unique entity and therefore needed its own set of marketing tools.

While the new company was doing well online, there was still a lot of room for growth. The original company also need to look at other opportunities to move forward.

Our work involved:

  •  Advise on how to create the separation for each business
  •  Evaluating current customer behaviour and segmenting the audience
  •  Identifying the needs and key messages for each segmentation
  •  Evaluating their current marketing to measure effectiveness
  • Reviewing their E-commerce website to increase effectiveness
  • Implementing a strong focus for EDM and social media to grow customers
  • Analysing customer feedback vs cost and effectiveness of their monthly magazine
  • Identifying potential customer, sales tactics and channels
  • Developing a strategy based on key messages for each business based on robust insights including industry trends, influences and changes
  • Creating an effective marketing plan on a macro level for the long term and micro levels to future-proof the business for the next 4-7 years.

Armed with this new knowledge and insight, the company now had the confidence to set their vision in motion and a strong foundation to build their success on.

They established the separation of each business entity so that each could play to its own strengths and along with the execution of the step by step action plan, they are now seeing growth in both aspects of the business.


Fast growth strategy

National packaging and bag supplier

The situation: Our client runs a successful packaging business, but was set on amping up the growth of the business. The problem? They wanted to have a clear strategy in order to move forward and make this actually happen. That’s where Marketing Minds came in.

What we did:
For this client (as with many), preparation was key. We worked together with the client to establish what their hopes were for the company, and then got to work looking at all facets of the business and industry, as well as ways to get the word out about the business. To do this we:

  • Researched the trends, competitors, capabilities in order to understand the playing field and influences
  • Profiled their clients and identified growth opportunities within each segment
  • Tested their unique selling proposition against competitors to ensure robustness and points of difference
  • Evaluated all possible channels and associated return on investment for growing the company

The outcomes:

  • Increased brand marketability
  • An overall strategy that ensured growth, retention and re-acquisition that is aligned with the overall business objectives of the business.
  • Identified a truly unique competitive advantage and call to action that the client can be confident about
  • Honed in on the lowest hanging fruits that will produce the greatest return for the company
  • Developed a step by step “how to” and timeline for the opportunities identified
  • Set key performance indicators for the tactics that the client will engage in

Outsourced marketing services

Rental Management Company

The situation: This client has a business worth over $4.5 million and did not have a marketing team. Without the time or expertise for this field, he brought Marketing Minds on to effectively execute marketing tactics.
What we did:

We served as a go-between for our client and suppliers, as well as carrying out everything required for a successful marketing campaign. We:

  • Designed relevant briefs and managed the selection process for the best suppliers
  • Project managed workflow and communication with suppliers
  • Reviewed all proposals and recommended the right partners
  • Negotiated contracts to benefit the client
  • Managed new product launches
  • Regular communication to his clients such as through e-newsletters, product manuals

The outcomes:

  • Easy, worry free experience for the client through selecting the right suppliers and transitioning without any issues
  • New marketing and promotional campaigns delivered successfully "website conversion by an average of 3.5% while reducing our ad spend by 10%
  • The right messages communicated effectively through the right channels
  • Measures put in place to monitor the success of the campaigns and allow for continuous improvements.
  • Increase in revenue

Gauging performance and obtaining referrals

New Zealand Service Industry Provider 

The situation:  Our client, a licensor, bought a business that had a number of unhappy clients. He worked hard for 6 months to improve the service but didn’t have any way of knowing how the clients felt about the business, or of garnering recommendations from them.
What we did:
Marketing Minds was brought in to assess customer reactions to the business and use that information to help promote the business. To do this, we:

  • Structured an online survey measuring customer satisfaction, collecting valuable feedback and referrals.
  • Set up a measure that could be used to continually gauge client satisfaction and determine how likely of word of mouth would be from existing clients
  • Developed a “how to” set of instructions so that these steps could be rolled out to the rest of the licensees  

The outcomes:

  • An easy to use survey that could be duplicated and can continue to be used as the company adds on more licensees
  • A simple yet informative measure into client satisfaction
  • A window into what the clients want, what was important to their clients, and how they could improve the business to ensure customer satisfaction and word of mouth marketing


New Zealand fashion business that designs, wholesale and retails internationally

The situation: One of our clients used a brand for their marketing that was dated and polarising, with a strong and loyal customer base on one hand, and another set of people who would refuse to even walk into the shop. For future proofing and to gain a wider appeal, rebranding was a must. Marketing Mind's task was to create a brand that would achieve these goals without alienating their existing clientele.
What we did:
We made sure that the right team was in place for the project, as well as creating step by step schedules to ensure that the changeover went smoothly, getting the whole team on board as well as existing customers. To do this, we:

  • Put in place a thorough rebranding schedule and internal and external communication plan
  • Selected key suppliers to work on the rebranding project
  • Project managed the rebranding from conception right through to the communication strategy with internal staff, partners and customers
  • Worked with the creative agency to develop the logo, do market research and obtain internal agreement for the changes
  • Organised the right PR, media, social media and creative teams and outlets for the brand launch

The outcomes:

  • Company wide and key stakeholder buy-in to the rebranding
  •  Successful launch and smoothly staged revealing of the brand
  •  Activation of internal ambassadors, key customers and partners that provided further exposure for the new brand
  • Obtained extensive PR coverage and awareness for the brand at launch

Professional profile marketing

LinkedIn training

The situation: This client had come out of an accounting firm in order to start up her own accounting business but was not allowed to approach clients she worked for in the previous job. She realised that she needed to work on her LinkedIn profile which would help her get into contact with them but wasn't sure how to use it to its maximal ability.

What we did:
Although different to marketing a business, Marketing Minds approached this project in a similar way, by understanding the client’s goals and coming up with a plan to help her achieve those goals. During this process, we:

  • Welcomed the client to our LinkedIn training where we informed her on the foundations and ettiquettes of the social platform.
  • Taught the client about how she could become visible as well as finding and extending her connections.
  • Giving the client the tools to use LinkedIn to its maximum potential for herself and her business.

The outcomes:

  • Optimised the clients profile through utilising LinkedIn's purpose of being found in today's tech-heavy world.
  • Maximised exposure therefore was able to start up with almost 40 clients without approaching them, but connecting via LinkedIn.


To grow, you have to move faster than the rate of change
— Karl Varley