We focus on making you simply irresistible
and leveraging this in the smartest ways

From rebranding to in-depth transformation plan, from training your in-house team to being your
marketing department and 
from marketing and sales strategies to executing tactics effectively - we do it. 


Rebranding is beyond changing the logo and aesthetics. We’ll look at each and every facet of your brand and company to create the right persona and effectively motivate your team and stakeholders so that it attracts the right attention and ultimately get the tills ringing.    

Rebranding isn’t about changing your logo and hoping people will pay attention. Has the “sit back and wait” method ever actually worked for anyone? Marketing Minds is all about creating a brand for your business that tells your story, and then using that as momentum to make things happen, whether that’s leveraging your new image to create a dynamic and drive team, attracting the right attention to the brand, or exciting customers and ultimately getting those tills ringing.  

Just call us the question masters. We ask the right kind of questions to help us uncover skills and abilities that are already available to you internally – sometimes you don’t know what you already have that might just give you the competitive edge! We find out how your team are involved in the business, what their attitudes are towards the company, and what kinds of skills, knowledge, or achievements your people have that might be marketable or make great key messages. In other words, we ask how you can make sure that your people are the strongest advocates for your brand.

Luckily, we’re not just armed with questions – after all, the answers are the important part! We’ll get the information we need from you to be able to answer those questions and help you take on the world with a fresh makeover!

 We have a six step analysis that covers every internal and external influence on your business and all the customer touch points. This is also evaluated against your company vision and personal goals.  The result? A marketing strategy blueprint that transforms your business into success.

When you build a house, you need blueprints. When you build a business, the same is true. Call us your chief architect!

What Marketing Minds does is create a six step plan for businesses that analyses every touchpoint and figures out what is needed for each part of your business. We funnel a huge amount of information into a refined plan that’s easy to follow and aligns with your company vision, personal goals, and opportunities and resources presented to the company.

For you to stand out from the crowd, you need to blow your competitors away – and that doesn’t just happen by luck! We bring experience and tools from other industries and apply them to your business to give you that competitive edge. You end up doing something that no one else in your industry is doing – now that’s innovation!

With such innovative methods, it’s hardly surprising that we’re so good at looking to the future (it’s like we’re psychic but with far more certainty). We look at what the most effective marketing will be for your company going forward, as well as figuring out what needs to happen right now, and set timeframes in order to achieve your goals.

The result? A blueprint for transforming your business into a model of success.

We believe in getting things done. As such, our marketing and sales plans will lay it out step by step for you.  We identify the quick, easy and big wins, give you an idea on cost, and we make sure that these are measurable and easy to execute. 

It’s all well and good having a marketing strategy – many companies will come in, give you a huge document outlining a strategy and then leave you to it, with the strategy often turning into nothing more than an extra thing to add to the paper recycling.

Maybe it’s just that we hate the thought of our work going to waste, but when we come up with marketing strategies, we make sure it’s followed through with a step by step plan, outlining exactly what you need to do.

We identify the quick wins, easy wins, and big wins, give you an idea of how much everything will cost, and make sure that everything is measurable and easy to execute. With that much in place, what could go wrong?

If your internal team needs help we’re happy to train. We’ll teach them how to execute your marketing plan and set up the necessary tools and processes.  From online to offline marketing, PR to social media, media buying to SEO, we know what the best practices are and how to get it done.

While we would love to do all the marketing for all of our clients, we know that sometimes that’s not a viable option. Still, we are all about being helpful – we just can’t resist spreading the joy and good cheer that comes with successful marketing. Okay, now we’re sounding a little like marketing elves – but I guess you could say that gaining new skills is like getting a Christmas present!

That’s why we’re happy to come and train you – we’ll teach you how to carry out your marketing plan and give you the tools you need to make your business as awesome as it can be. You still get the results, but instead of having to outsource, you learn how to do it yourselves.

If you don’t have the necessary in house resources, we can execute the marketing and sales plan for you. You will have the expertise but without the overheads We'll apply our experience and vast knowledge to your business in order to get the most effective results – without any fluffing around or trial and error!

Sometimes, you do just want someone else to do the work for you – luckily we just love working! Marketing Minds can carry through on marketing plans to execute strategy for you and ensure that you get measurable results.  It’s like having someone in house but without the overheads, and with the added bonus of the knowledge around best practice and disciplines that comes from having been in large organisations. We can apply these to your business in order to get the most effective results – without any fluffing around or trial and error!

Think of us as your secret weapon – already loaded with experience and skills, and just waiting to take aim at your target audience!

I have worked with Anne for about 6 months now. Anne has a vast knowledge and know how in many different aspects of marketing. She has a provided a clear direction for my licensees and I to achieve my business goals through a clear and directive marketing strategy. Her ability to ask the right questions and draw information out of me helps me a lot with thinking through situations and my decision making.
Her enthusiasm is contagious and she has an amazing attention to detail, does her research as well as great follow through. What she had done has lifted such a great burden for me and taken the stress away.
She makes it very easy for me and I couldn’t have done it without her! I have definitely been recommending Anne to other businesses as I truly believe she is very good at what she does.
— David | Licensor Pukeko Rental Managers