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Georgina – Marketing Consultant

Having started her marketing career in 2005, Georgina is an expert brand and marketing strategist for both b2b and b2c markets. She’s experienced in marketing both product and services across a variety of sectors, from animal health, to banking and insurance.

For Georgina, marketing success means stepping into your customer’s shoes and understanding their needs, wants and pain points. Through smart brand marketing strategies and tactics, she helps brands identify their ideal target market and how they respond to their needs in a way that stands out from the competition. With expertise in formulating a consistent brand message, that’s aligned with the company’s purpose and values she helps brands rise to the top. Plus, with her Google Ads Search Certification, Georgina is our Google guru!

She divides her time between marketing consultancy and running her own small family business. With her finger always on the pulse of small business in New Zealand she understands the challenges business owners face. She’s acutely aware of the need for impactful but cost-effective brand marketing strategies that get results.

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