Marketing Audit & Implementation

An organization’s ability to learn,

and translate that learning into action rapidly,

is the ultimate competitive advantage.” Jack Welch

Bridging the gap between strategy and implementation is critical. This is where Marketing Minds is truly unique and excels. Our ability to translate the direction and achieve great results is our focus. From a marketing audit to setting up the right systems and processes and right through to implementation, we can help.

Marketing Audit

Get It Right! The marketing audit service provides a complete and comprehensive analysis of your current marketing and advertising strategies, brand positioning, planning, budget allocation and implementation processes. The objective is not only to identify the gaps and opportunities in your business, but also ways to improve and act on them, providing the necessary training and support to implement the recommendations, bringing substantial improvements to the business.

Marketing Process Setup & Implementation

To execute marketing plans effectively, the right procedures, software and networks are required. We can help review and provide guidance, advice, and support to make sure these are in place. This process is both reassuring and valuable for decision making, seizing new opportunities, and tackling any new situations that arise.

Our core expertise at Marketing Minds is to ensure you get results from your investment in marketing. You only get this when the ‘rubber hits the road’ and plans are effectively implemented, skills are transferred, and you start kicking goals. We work with clients to understand how much help is required and in what areas for the successful implementation of key processes.


Just Outsource It!

Sometimes you just don’t have the time or expertise to run your own marketing programs and it may be more prudent to outsource the work. Marketing Minds can act as your marketing department. You can ask us to do as little or as much as you want. Your passion is our pleasure.

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