WeChat Listening Tool – A Watchdog For Your Brand

Unless you understand Mandarin or are well versed in the world of WeChat, it is very tricky to know what is going on within WeChat on key issues, content, competitor activity and conversations around your brand or business.

That’s where the WeChat Listening Tool helps you with social monitoring.


What Is WeChat Social Listening Tool?

WeChat has its own search engine and as a result, the common monitoring tools such as Google Alerts do not search and report on activities within WeChat. As a result, Marketing Minds has developed our own WeChat Listening Tool on behalf of our clients to understand what is happening within WeChat, for good or for bad, when it comes to their own industries.

Essentially the WeChat Listening Tool is a bespoke social monitoring tool that uses selected keywords to search and monitor activities within your competitor and industry set in the WeChat environment. It can also be used to search for Influencers and Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) within WeChat. It allows New Zealand companies to understand Chinese consumer activities within their preferred social media app as it relates to the industry a client operates in, including conversations around its brand and key competitors.


How Does It Work?

Our proprietary WeChat monitoring tool is deployed to monitor content via keyword searches in Mandarin and English. This allows us to understand perceptions, attitudes, commentary, and frequency of activity within the Chinese community in New Zealand, China and globally.

The sets of keywords can be altered to meet the needs of the organisation. As a subscriber, you will receive regular reports emailed to you and this includes headlines of articles translated, content source details and more.

Marketing Minds also offers quarterly review and analysis of trends and activities of the keywords monitored.


How Does WeChat Listening Tool Work Within a Total WeChat Marketing Strategy

Our WeChat foundation plan (as per the diagram below) demonstrates the key features of a WeChat marketing strategy that are available including WeChat Listening as a core element. We like to think of it as the WeChat insurance policy helping to give your brand the best possible chance of succeeding within the WeChat ecosystem.

Image social listening.JPG

What Is The Cost?

There is an initial setup fee of $400+gst. This is for a predetermined set of keywords and includes Marketing Minds researching the relevant keywords in mandarin and setting up the monitoring. From there, there is a monthly monitoring fee that starts from $149+gst/month.

Marketing Minds also provides a quarterly review from $650+gst per review. This review helps to summarise the findings and trends that will give an organisation a competitive advantage.