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Who Is Marketing Minds?

Marketing Minds is a marketing agency based in Auckland. We are your secret weapon – a force of nature that will come into your business, help you determine exactly what you need, and give you whatever level of support you require – from vision right through to execution – in order to take your business to the next level.
Marketing Minds is different from other marketing companies. We are not about fluffy marketing strategies, plans or vague ideas that never get put into action – we know how to make marketing measurable and transform your business into a customer magnet. We’ll help you meet your marketing objectives.
Bringing knowledge from several industries and applying it to yours helps us innovate and change the playing field.
Anyone up for a game of marketing?

Our Services

Marketing and lead generation is a mindset and a discipline that must contribute to the bottom line. It is all about growing your business with the customer at the centre of it all.
But, what is the best way to achieve this? Here’s how Marketing Minds can help.

Strategy & Branding

Whether you are exploring a new segment or entering a new market, considering a rebrand or wanting to develop a new brand, our clever thinking and strategies will ensure your success. From new product launches to brand architecture, We are senior marketers with a depth of experience across multiple industries including cross border and export markets.


Digital Marketing

We help ensure your digital platforms (and providers) are achieving the best results for you. Our services include digital strategy, audit of your website and other digital channels. We also frequently provide an unbiased evaluation of the performance of your Google ads and SEO provider.


Sales & Leads Generation

Our practical, hands-on approach will help identify the opportunities to generate sales and new leads effectively. Through a leads acquisition plan, we will outline the best approach and lowest hanging fruit to acquire new leads including methodology, channel identification and appropriate brand positioning and messages.


Coaching, Training & Advisory

Learn from Senior Marketers as we guide you to become an expert at marketing. From LinkedIn training to Facebook management, we can help. We also provide advisory services to help you monitor and keep your team accountable in their marketing efforts while giving you practical advice to ensure you and your team achieve the desired results.


Audit, Planning & Implementation

Marketing Minds can work as your marketing department and help ensure that you get the strategic input as well as the efficient execution of all your marketing activities. From setting up new systems and processes that you can run with on your own to taking on the work for you on a regular basis.


Cross Cultural Marketing

From Cross-cultural to Cross-Border marketing, Marketing Minds can help develop your strategy to penetrate these diverse segments. Furthermore, our expertise in WeChat marketing ensures that you can reach the Chinese based in NZ or overseas.

Marketing Minds - Your Clever Solution

Not all marketers are created equal. Our experience, knowledge, professionalism and integrity enable us to confidently stand behind our work. Ultimately, our success is when our clients are successful.  Here are a few reasons why we are the ‘real deal’
  • Innovative thinkers – we understand how to take a start-up from seed stage right through to being an industry leader
  • We have experience in both local and international markets including cross border marketing in China, Australia, United States, South East Asia and United Kingdom
  • Our knowledge and experience in bridging the gap between strategy and implementation ensures our plans are realistic and deliverable
  • Our track record across at least 15 different industries enables cross-pollination of ideas to create competitive advantages for our clients
  • Our clients often are able to access funding from NZTE as we are registered Service Providers with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise

Our Clients