Cross Cultural Communication

& Cross Border Marketing

Cross Cultural and Cross Border marketing are different yet alike in many ways.

Cross Cultural marketing tends to refer to marketing to those of different cultures within the same country while Cross Border is e-commerce selling and marketing to those in a different country.

Cross Cultural Marketing

Cross Cultural Marketing

In a few simple words, Cross Cultural marketing is reaching and communicating with people from other cultures beyond the society’s main culture. It can also be known as ethnic marketing, migrant marketing, niche marketing, inclusiveness marketing and more.

As New Zealand’s cultural landscape becomes more diverse, exciting new opportunities increase and brands need to develop and deepen the relationship with this audience in order to continue to remain relevant today and in the future.

With Marketing Minds, you can rely on us to:

  • Provide the necessary cultural insights into this niche audience
  • Develop the best marketing strategy and approach to engage with these communities
  • Ensure brand integrity is retained as your communication is tailored to resonate with the a different culture
  • Effectively reach the Chinese, Indians and other ethnic groups in New Zealand through utilising the relevant channels including WeChat marketing
  • Plan and coordinate all your marketing requirements related to cross cultural marketing

Learn more now:

– Cross cultural Insights and Marketing Strategy
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Cross border marketing

What is Cross Border Marketing?

Cross Border Marketing is where the seller in one country is marketing and communicating to the buyers residing in a different country. You can say that Cross Border Marketing is a prelude to exporting – at a lower risk and cost. This is enabled with e-commerce and efficient shipping and logistics solutions worldwide.

If you’re an organisation with ambitions to export, cross border marketing is often the first step. Often this type of marketing can be managed by the brand without having to relinquish control of the brand to the distributors. Once a brand is ready to have physical presence in the overseas market (from financial, branding and distribution aspects) that is when actual exporting begins. Working with Marketing Minds will ensure that you are well prepared for this leap.

This not only will minimise the risk, but also cost and help a brand proof the concept, refine and prepare for in-market presence. From China to the United States, Australia to Malaysia, we can help.

Learn more about Cross Border Marketing now.

– Cross Border Marketing

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Why Marketing Minds?

We like to think that we’re perfect for you. However, you can be the judge.

  • We’re innovative thinkers and understand how to take a start up business from seed stage right through to being an industry leader
  • We’ve a combined experience of over 80 years both locally and internationally including Australia, United States, Asia and United Kingdom
  • Our comprehensive experience and knowledge in the full spectrum of marketing, from research to execution allow us to bridge the gap between strategy and implementation
  • You will work with senior marketing consultants with proven track records from start up to public listed companies
  • Our track record across at least 15 different industries has enabled us to cross-pollinate learnings and create competitive advantages for our clients
  • Marketing Minds is a cost effective way to access the knowledge, training and efficiency without the overheads
  • Our understanding of the internal challenges and facets within a client’s environment and our ability to negotiate will get you the best out of agencies and providers
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