Cross Cultural Marketing Research & Insights

“No culture can live if it

attempts to be exclusive.” Mahatma Gandhi

Research & Insights

We may think we know everything about the customer but having your thoughts and perceptions validated through market research is all the more powerful. When it comes to migrants in New Zealand the danger is in not fully understanding the cultural differences that can make or break your marketing investment.

At Marketing Minds, we believe that an investment in cross cultural marketing on what the various ethnic communities want, think, how they act and react is wise. This will inform thmarketing strategy and ensure long term brand relevance and success for you.

If it is intelligence into the Chinese market you need, whether it be in New Zealand, China or anywhere else, Marketing Minds will utilise the social listening methodology. This can be used to find out what Chinese conversation is in relation to your brand and industry on WeChat , Weibo and Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book). We can work on small scale research projects by using secondary research or alternatively, we have research partners for large scale research projects.

Contact a marketing coach now to discuss your needs for cross cultural communication and cross cultural marketing insights to propel your success within the chosen ethnic market.

Strategy, Plan and Implementation

The right cross cultural strategy in approaching New Zealand’s fast growing ethnic communities such as Chinese, Indians, South East and East Asians is essential to ensure your message resonates correctly, the right channels are utilised and the methodology is effective.

That’s why Marketing Minds assists organisations in developing marketing strategies with a long term view which builds on short term successes. This expands to include communication planning, digital marketing/social media planning and booking and much more. Speak to a marketing consultant now to see how we can help you be successful in your Cross Cultural Marketing plans.


Coaching and Advisory

If you have an internal team managing your Cross Cultural marketing, Marketing Minds can act as a sounding board to help ensure that the right message is communicated and in the right channels. This will help ensure peace of mind in your daily cross cultural marketing implementation.

Interested in which events to market for with a cross-cultural approach? Download our 2024 cross-cultural marketing calendar.

Why not discuss your needs with us? Contact a marketing strategist now.

If this is of interest to you, please email us at info@marketingminds.me or call 09 634 4390 for a chat.

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