Digital Marketing

“The only people who see the

whole picture are the ones who

step outside the frame.” Salman Rushdie

From online and social media advertising to Search Optimisation and ensuring website conversion, we will evaluate these for you and ensure the best digital marketing services for your business.

You may have an existing SEO/Adwords company assisting you right now, and Marketing Minds can act independently to evaluate their performance, to ensure that they are doing the best job they can. Alternatively we can help you get set up with an integrated marketing approach to allow the best performance possible from your digital marketing to help you effectively market your business online.

So… what actually is digital marketing? In the broadest sense, it is any marketing that requires the internet! Digital marketing strategies most commonly encompass:

    • Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation
    • Websites conversion optimisation
      • Google advertising including Google My Business, Google Shopping
  • Social media ads eg. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and WeChat

It can also refer to:

    • Emails or e-newsletters
    • Digital platforms eg. marketing on Amazon, e-Bay, Taobao, and Lazada
    • App Store
  • Digital publishers such as Stuff and NZ Herald

Phew! So many levers! The good news is, you can trust Marketing Minds to help you pave the right path for your organisation.

Here are the key digital marketing services we offer:

Digital Marketing Strategy and Plan

With our vast experience of Omni channel marketing including Online and Offline marketing, we’ll be able to determine how a digital strategy should fit into your overall marketing plan. Available data will be analysed using various software to form a robust and actionable digital strategy, plan and recommended budget for the business.

Digital Marketing Audit and Performance Improvement

If you are concerned that your current Google ads are under performing or that traffic to your site is not converting, you should speak to us. At Marketing Minds, we frequently perform SEO audit and Googgle Ads audit to ensure that you are getting your value for money. This area is full of ‘cowboys’ and over and over again, we hear of companies getting ripped off. Don’t let your organisation be one of them!

We’ll conduct a deep dive into the reports and analytics to look at trends and key performance indicators. We’ll also analyse the traffic to your site and provide a report on where the leakages can be plugged.

Our job is to make sure that you are not throwing your money down the drain!

e-Commerce and Cross Border Strategy

The beauty of an e-Commerce store is that the digital world is limitless. Marketing Minds can help you get the best from your e-commerce strategy from infancy to scaling for growth or rejuvenating performance.

More importantly, we specialise in Cross Border Strategy that should be a consideration for many small businesses.

If this is of interest to you, please email us on or

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