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Marketing Overview

Why Hire a Marketing Agency

For growth and development, the marketing of your brand is crucial when it comes to making your business known. The role of marketing is more important than ever in this time of recession as it increases awareness, and as a result, sales.

What is a Marketing Agency?

If you were to Google the term ‘marketing agency,’ it would be expected you’d be faced with hundreds of thousands of search results with an intimidating number of marketing-related terms and different agencies to sort through. This then begs the question, what is a marketing agency and why should your business consider using one?

A Complete Guide to Marketing Channels

The colossal and ever changing growth of the internet has thrown more options into the marketing mix than ever before! So how will you know which channel(s) is right for you? Here’s a complete guide to each marketing channel and what you can expect from each one.

Case Study:

Outsourced Marketing Services: A case study


Strategy & Branding

Ultimate List of Marketing Channels Whitepaper

Marketing channels have grown so vast and expansive that it’s difficult to keep track of which ones to utilise for your business.

How to Nail Your Email Marketing Strategy for Better Results

Tips and tricks for your email marketing strategy, plus benchmarks to make sure you’re getting the right results.

Thinking of a Re-branding Strategy? Here’s How to Get It Right

Re-branding can be an expensive exercise if carried out with a bad re-branding strategy.  You may have many reasons you think you need to re-brand, but ask yourself – do we really need to change the brand? How do you know that you’ve gone far enough or too far?  Here’s what you need to get it right…

Re-Brand Right: Focus on Marketing Objectives

Many articles about re-branding emphasise WHY you should re-brand, but we’re here to make sure you’re making the right decision to re-brand in the first place. Take a look at what’s involved in re-branding and how to create an effective marketing action plan if you chose to take that path.

Case Studies:

Competitive Analysis: A Case Study

Market Research for Re-branding: A Case Study

Marketing Objectives in a Merger: A Case Study


Digital Marketing

A digital marketing agency’s perspective: What does Dark Mode’s popularity mean for digital marketing designs?

Dark Mode has taken the digital world by storm. However, many digital marketing agencies are yet to optimize their designs for Dark Mode, missing out on the opportunity to engage with their audience effectively. Find out how adapting marketing designs accordingly can make businesses create visually appealing experiences that resonate with modern users.

How to Nail Your Email Marketing Strategy for Better Results

Some experts say that email marketing for your business is dead, but they’re wrong. Email still reaches more customers than any other digital platform and the ROI for this type of marketing is some of the highest out there.

Which Email Marketing Provider is Right for Your Small Business?

With the ever-growing range of email software platforms now available, how do you know if you’ve chosen the right one for your business, or if it’s time to trade-up?

What is Digital Marketing?

Is it just Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)? This is often what the general public thinks. In the broadest sense, it is any marketing done online, however it’s actually much much more than that.

The Latest Advertising Standards for Digital Marketing in New Zealand

The Advertising Standards Authorities (ASA) have recently released a new Advertising Standards code. If you have your own social media platforms, use influencers to promote your brand, or engage in UGC – have a read of this article!

The Basics of Digital Marketing

For those small businesses yet to really dip their toes into the world of digital marketing, here are some basic principles to help you kick off on the right foot.

Can an App Effectively Market your Business Online?

We look at some common reasons why businesses consider getting an app developed. Are these the right reasons? Will an app lead to increased sales or profits? Have a read to find some hard data and trends in this area.

Case Study:

How Digital Strategies Can Take Your Business Full-time

Digital Marketing Strategy Turns Business Around


Social Media

Understanding Social Media Marketing

What actually is Social Media and what is driving it? How are different platforms evolving and how will this affect you and your business? We answer these common questions and more in our latest Social Media Marketing article. 

How to Choose the Right Social Media Platforms

For most small to medium businesses, social media is a luxury to be able to run. Even though it is here to stay, most businesses have to be selective about which Social Media platforms to engage in. Here’s what you need to know about the big players before you take the leap.

Case Study:

Gauging Performance and Obtaining Referrals: A Case Study


Cross Cultural Marketing

Unveiling Post-COVID Insights: Chinese in New Zealand and the Power of Social Media in 2023

Connect effectively with Chinese consumers in New Zealand and even in China by staying ahead with the latest social media . Unleash your business’s potential in this influential market, leveraging the power of captivating consumer behavior.

Marketing to Chinese in NZ: 2024 Calendar

Introducing the 2024 Cross-Cultural Calendar, a super useful resource for marketing to the Chinese community in New Zealand or engaging in exports to China. This comprehensive calendar combines Chinese festivals and New Zealand holidays in a single, convenient format. It enables strategic marketing planning and offers a glimpse into future opportunities at a glance.

Understanding the Chinese Community and WeChat Chinese Social Media Marketing

A complete guide for NZ businesses to understand the Chinese community and marketing strategies for WeChat- the Chinese social media and ‘super app’

Chinese Social Media Marketing Whitepaper 

We have untangled the enigma that is the Chinese market, and compiled a comprehensive whitepaper, evaluating the basics of Chinese cross-cultural marketing alongside the best WeChat advertising strategies.

Marketing to Chinese in NZ: 2023 Calendar

If you export to China or are interested in working with the Chinese community in New Zealand, this calendar is super helpful. We’ve been producing this cross-cultural digital calendar for the past few years to offer insights into upcoming holidays, festivals and dates that can offer a multitude of marketing opportunities.

Marketing to Chinese in NZ: 2022 Calendar

Use our 2022 marketing calendar to grasp a thorough understanding of Chinese in NZ so that they can effectively harness the potential of this growing market.

Cross Cultural Marketing 2021 Calendar 

We have put together a comprehensive 2021 calendar, highlighting both Kiwi and Chinese celebrations to be relevant to migrants to widen your marketing scope.

WeChat Marketing – What it is and How it Compares to Other Social Media Channels

It can be difficult to explain how WeChat works and what it can and can’t do. So for those of you that understand Facebook, WhatsApp and Messenger, keep reading to see what is a comparison of the functionalities of each app as well as how to use WeChat to reach Chinese customers.

WeChat Digital Marketing Trends

News from CHina CHat conference, Shanghai – the biggest English conference dedicated to WeChat and China online digital marketing including latest trends on marketing to the Chinese. Trust us, things move faster than you think in this market!

3 Tips for Cross Cultural Marketing to Chinese in New Zealand

You may have had a taste of what the Chinese market offers and want to explore further, but don’t know how or where to access this huge market with tremendous opportunities. Read along to find out more.

3 Ways WeChat Marketing Can Boost Your Business

WeChat is much more than just a social media app. It is THE most popular communication app along with mobile payment and the most popular social media channel. Learn how to use WeChat marketing for your business today.

Top 5 Strategies Revealed! Marketing to Chinese in NZ

There are many misconceptions and a lack of understanding as to how to market to the Chinese target segment in NZ. So, what are the top strategies that marketers can use?


LinkedIn for Business

LinkedIn Learning: Creator Mode

The LinkedIn profile setting called ‘creator mode’ is a great way to grow your influence and reach on this platform!

LinkedIn Learning: Connecting your profile with your phone contacts

LinkedIn Learning: Connecting Your Profile With Your Phone Contacts to improve lead generation and create an effective lead acquisition process.

LinkedIn Learning: Creating an Event on LinkedIn

We’re always on the lookout for the latest and greatest LinkedIn features, and we think their newest event feature is worth sharing! Find out how to host your own event on linked in here.

Using the ‘Featured’ section on your profile

LinkedIn has added a new ‘Featured’ section to your personal profile, on which you can feature some of your posts, articles, links, or media. If you’ve got something you want to showcase when people visit your profile, use the ‘Featured’ section on your LinkedIn profile.

Inviting Connections to Follow Your LinkedIn Company Page

On LinkedIn, a LinkedIn company page is the foundation for your business and growing followers to that page. LinkedIn has made it easy now as you can now Invite connections to follow your LinkedIn Company Page.

LinkedIn Company Page: Using Content Suggestions

LinkedIn’s functionality now comes up with article suggestions to share on LinkedIn, that are relevant to your target audience. Learn more about this very useful functionality here!

10 Reasons WHY LinkedIn is a MUST

Well, here are 10 reasons of many as to why you should use LinkedIn and why it has risen to be the most powerful business social media platform in the world.

Connecting using LinkedIn’s QR Code

LinkedIn has added a new feature to the profile page, the QR Code. We can now connect with each other simply by scanning the QR Code via LinkedIn’s mobile app.

Navigating LinkedIn’s Search Appearances

Learning how to navigate LinkedIn’s Search Appearances will enable you to better improve and optimise your profile, in order to be found, get new leads and business opportunities.

Maximising Search Alerts on LinkedIn 

Knowing how to use the search function is essential for making the most out of LinkedIn. The LinkedIn search alert feature allows you to store the search information you’ve just run, saving time when repeating the search process later on.

Manage your recommendations on LinkedIn

Learn how you can sort through your valuable recommendations with our handy step-by-step LinkedIn recommendations guide. Whether you want to better manage your positive feedback or keep certain things hidden, we can show you how.

Your security and privacy on LinkedIn

Ever wondered who can see your profile on LinkedIn and what exactly they are looking at? The updated security section has separated each function into new groups to clearly manage your privacy on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has sensitive information on your profile that you don’t need everyone to see, these LinkedIn tips will help you better manage your account.

Case Studies:

LinkedIn Lead Generation: Mike Parkes and Associates

Increasing Visibility and Connections via LinkedIn: Launching a start-up accounting business

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