Marketing Strategies and Branding

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.

Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” Sun Tzu

Brand and Re-branding

Whether you have a single brand or multiple brands, ensuring the architecture of the brand is key. A brand is larger than a label. A powerful and strong brand is a key asset and foundation to a business success.

Whether it is a new brand, re-branding or a refresh of your current brand, the senior team at Marketing Minds is able to assist you with:

  • Brand research, findings and insights– we will work with our partners to conduct the market research as and when required
  • Brand architecture including positioning of brands and brand hierarchy, essence and value proposition
  • Brand name creation in English and Simplified Chinese
  • Brand story, language and personality
  • Re-branding strategy and action plan and assisting you to implement the transition.

Contact our marketing strategists to discuss your branding needs, or have a read of this if you’re thinking of a rebranding strategy.

Strategies & Plan

Marketing Minds is the agency with the experience and smarts to develop powerful and effective marketing strategies for businesses.

With the aid of Marketing Minds tools  and applying proven methodologies, we have assisted numerous startups as well as complex businesses to uncover opportunities and design effective marketing strategies. Our  knack to hone in on opportunities, identify the right trends and ‘join-the-dots’ from strategy to execution sets us apart from other marketing agencies in Auckland and beyond!

Our strategic marketing services include:

Marketing Strategies & Plan

At Marketing Minds we take the ‘wide lense’ approach to strategy and planning. This includes  available analysing research and data, evaluating fit of mainstream and ethnic audiences, size of market in New Zealand, cross border or export and ensuring all available channels from digital to social and offline are considered.

The types of marketing strategies we focus on include:

  • Market entry strategies – for businesses wanting to export, exploring the possibilities of entering a new territory
  • Growth acceleration strategies– for businesses that have the ambition to grow and needs guidance on how to make this happen
  • Market viability strategies–  businesses looking to launch a new product or service into uncharted territories and needing to ensure they do it right from the very start
  • Market pivoting strategies – if a business is facing negative growth and requires a strategy to navigate out of this or if they are reliant on a small number of clients and wants to minimise this risk.

This is assisted by our own tools and methodologies to guide our meticulous thinking and planning. From a one page Marketing Blueprint that magically simplifies the strategies into key focus areas, to our strategy and tactical template that creates actionable and trackable results. Or our customer journey mapping to communication timeline and schedule. We believe these are our secret weapons! Don’t delay, talk to a marketing consultant now.

Digital Marketing Strategy and Plan

With our vast experience of online and offline marketing,  Marketing Minds is able to determine how a digital strategy fits into your overall brand and marketing plan. We will take into account secondary and primary data, evaluate the fit of various digital channels and construct an effective digital marketing strategy and plan accordingly.

Leads Acquisition Strategies & Plan

Converting marketing strategies to sales is key in any good plan. As such, Marketing Minds work with companies to develop strategies focused on leads generation/acquisition, the conversion path, messages and approach. If required, Marketing Minds will also assist in the  implementation of the plan as required.

Social Media and Content Strategies & Plan

There are only two truths to social media – 1) it’s forever changing, and 2) your customer is using it in some form.
Marketing Minds is here to help overlay a social media strategy and content plan that will work for your business. This will take into account your resources, the realistic mix, right messages, relevance with quality over quantity.

Furthermore, if your internal team needs training on LinkedIn, Facebook or even WeChat, we can coach them to upskill in the best practice.

Don’t delay, have a chat with a marketing consultant– the more complex your challenge, the more we love it!

Need help?

For many small to medium businesses, you may qualify for a Capability Development Voucher from the government to help fund marketing strategy and branding requirements. Marketing Minds is a Regional Business Partner Network registered service provider and we can assist you through the funding application process.

If this is of interest to you, please email us on info@marketingminds.me or

call 09 634 4390 for a chat.

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