WeChat Marketing

WeChat is arguably

the most powerful mobile app in the world …

WeChat Marketing

If you are wanting to market to Chinese consumers (both in NZ and overseas) using WeChat as the core, we are able to assist. We can help with WeChat marketing and communications including training on how to implement the plan and ongoing messaging in Chinese via WeChat.

Furthermore, our partnership with PayPlus, the appointed NZ WeChat Service Provider means that we are able to deliver on some unique benefits that other companies can’t.

WeChat Marketing Services

Marketing Minds is able to assist with maximising the power of WeChat via WeChat Pay, WeChat Marketing and WeChat monitoring solutions. These solutions can be adopted together or separately to allow businesses to prioritise resources according to their needs, and start with any of these, together or separately.

  • WeChat Pay

Both on-line and off-line. By offering your Chinese clients the ability to pay for services such as business purchase deposits using WeChat makes it easy for them to access their funds through their WeChat wallet. The best thing is, you get paid in New Zealand dollars.

Email us info@marketingminds.me to find out more about WeChat Pay.

  • WeChat Monitoring

Also known as social listening, our bespoke WeChat monitoring methodology allows an organisation to monitor activities within WeChat. This is critical for New Zealand businesses as it gives you insight into the conversations around your brand, competitor activities and the influencers in your industry within WeChat. This can be powerful information to ensure brand integrity, maximising reach and influencing the market. Learn more about the benefits that WeChat Monitoring can provide.

  • WeChat Marketing

There are many ways to market within WeChat. Think of it as a media world of its own. These include:

  • WeChat Official Account (OA) – works like your company Facebook page, can be customised to suit
  • WeChat Vouchers – tactical call to action to encourage shares and drive traffic
  • WeChat Communication – your content published via the official OA account
  • WeChat Ads – targeted advertising in various OA or in Moments of desired target segments
  • Mini programs and much more

Marketing Minds can assist you in navigating this landscape and ensure that it’s the best approach for you, contact us now.

WeChat Marketing Implementation

Often companies do not have the right marketing resources to dedicate to WeChat marketing. As such, Marketing Minds can be an extension of your team and help you manage all activities related to marketing to the Chinese in New Zealand.

This includes

  • ensuring your brand values are retained across the markets,
  • managing and coordinating content translation
  • managing WeChat Official Account content publishing and reporting
  • media placement focusing on WeChat as well as other digital and traditional media
  • reporting and managing the various platforms including your WeChat Official Account

Should you have your own team, we can act as an advisory role for you.

If this is of interest to you, please email us at info@marketingminds.me or call 09 634 4390 for a chat.

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