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WeChat Marketing for Business

If you want to reach Chinese consumers (both in NZ and overseas), WeChat should be at the core of your strategy. Marketing minds helps businesses with WeChat marketing and cross cultural marketing. This includes setting up with the right type of account on Wechat, developing the right WeChat marketing strategy, plan and implementation methodology.

Marketing Minds is able to assist with maximising the power of WeChat  via WeChat marketing strategy, WeChat Pay, WeChat Advertising and WeChat research and monitoring solutions. These solutions can be adopted together or separately to allow businesses to prioritise resources according to their needs, and start with any of these cross cultural communication tools, together or separately.

WeChat Monitoring and Research

Also known as social monitoring or listening, our bespoke WeChat monitoring and research methodology allows an organisation to delve and monitor activities within WeChat. This is critical for New Zealand businesses as it gives you insight into the conversations and activities around your brand, competitors and influencers within WeChat and other Chinese platforms such as such as Weibo and Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book). This is powerful information to ensure brand integrity, maximising reach and influencing the market- especially if you are engaged in cross border e-commerce.

Learn more about the benefits that WeChat and Chinese Social Media Research and Monitoring.

WeChat Marketing Strategy

Launching into WeChat requires its own strategy as it is an ecosystem within itself. Marketing Minds helps businesses develop the right WeChat marketing strategy in order to achieve the desired cut through. We take into account factors such as Chinese calendar of events, cultural differences, findings from social listening and research and many other factors to create the best marketing strategy for our clients. This is applicable for both marketing to the Chinese in New Zealand as well as cross border marketing.

Contact our marketing consultants now to discuss your needs and the best approach to navigate the WeChat and Chinese landscape.

WeChat Marketing Management and Implementation

Often companies do not have the right marketing resources to dedicate to WeChat marketing. As such, Marketing Minds can be an extension of your team and help you manage all activities related to both cross cultural marketing (i.e. reaching Chinese in New Zealand) and cross border marketing (i.e. reaching Chinese abroad).

This includes

  • ensuring your brand values and messages are retained across the markets
  • content planning, writing and design
  • managing WeChat Official Accounts content publishing and reporting
  • managing WeChat Service Accounts and fulfilling the customer service function
  • media placement focusing on WeChat as well as other digital and traditional media
  • reporting and benchmarking performance

Alternatively, should you have your own team, Marketing Minds can act as an advisory role for you. Either way, your outsourced marketing team is ready to help.

WeChat Pay

Both on-line and off-line. By offering your Chinese clients the ability to pay for services such as business purchase deposits using WeChat makes it easy for them to access their funds through their WeChat wallet. The best thing is, you get paid in New Zealand dollars. Email us to find out more about WeChat Pay.

Interested in finding out more about Chinese events to market for on WeChat? Download our 2024 cross-cultural marketing calendar.

If this is of interest to you, please contact a marketing consultant now for a no obligation chat.

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