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Marketing Minds is an award-winning, innovative and sharp-thinking marketing agency. Our megastar marketing consultants love to work with small to medium businesses alongside large corporations.  

Our team of amazing marketing consultants has comprehensive experience in the full spectrum of marketing, from research to execution, traditional to digital marketing. This allows us to bridge the critical gap between strategy and implementation. 

With a track record across 15+ industries, we are adept at cross–pollinating our learnings and finding new ways to give our clients an edge. 

We get it. Running a business can be tough and that’s why we’re ready to take on the hassle of marketing for you. With our outsource marketing services we have the marketing expertise and efficiency without all the extra costs.  We understand the ins and outs of a business environment and are ready to be your right- hand-man (or woman) in all things marketing.

But don’t just hear it from us, sometimes it takes someone else to convince us. So check out the places our digital agency has been featured and what others have to say and you be the judge. 

Feel free to watch our finalist video from our Excellence in Marketing win at the 2022 South and East Westpac Business Awards to learn more about our approach.

One Team. Endless Solutions.

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Anne Casey, our head honcho

As an experienced marketing consultant, Anne leads an expert team who shares the same desire to make a difference.

Anne started Marketing Minds to help take small to medium businesses to the next level – the Anne level. She’s all about leveraging her networks and partners to win over the clients the right way – by getting results for them. Anne’s experience and knowledge has helped business develop successful marketing strategies that propels them forward.

Anne is a judge at the TVNZ Marketing Awards and works with the government organisations as a Digital Boost Trainer and Manaaki Marketing Advisor.

Read more about Anne our head marketing consultant

social media marketing consultant


With over 20 years of experience in a diverse range of industries globally, Monique has a wealth of knowledge about how to optimise marketing for the best results – and she’s keen to share her expertise as our go-to social media marketing consultant.

Monique is an exceptional big picture consultant at our digital marketing agency, specialising in Meta and LinkedIn social media with an all-around experience in marketing strategy, Google ads and content marketing. 

When she’s not working, you’ll find Monique exploring a different part of our beautiful country – she lives and works on the road with her partner Hans and dog Yogi. 

Read more about Monique, our exceptional social media marketing consultant.

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Allie is our Google ads and SEO expert marketing consultant (or self-confessed SEO ‘nerd’🤓). Online Marketing is her game and she’s absolutely the best at it! If your gut feeling is you’re missing opportunities to capture more business online – you’re probably right. With her expertise you will increase lead generation of your business.

With over 20 years in the digital game, Allie is all about getting the long term and best results. She really understands the big picture while loving the deep dive into the technical details of Google.

Read more about Allie our digital marketing specialist

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Working in Auckland and India, Garry is a marketing communications professional with experience across a plethora of marketing areas and is Marketing Minds’ expert in the Indian market in NZ. Garry’s involvement in the NZ-Indian community events include the iconic event, Kiwi Indian Hall of Fame, the Sharukh Khan Show, Salman Khan Show and AR Rahman Concert (Bollywood mega events).

Garry has years of experience in media production and programming, having worked with various media platforms: from film to television, radio, print, online and social media. He can identify and develop new business opportunities, innovate, and make things happen.

Our Team of Marketing Consultants 1


With more than a decade of experience in marketing, social media, event management, content creation and project management, Bonita’s very bubbly personality is a delight to everyone that meets her 🥰 . Bonita loves what she does and finds it very rewarding to be able to work alongside small and medium businesses in creating marketing strategies and tactics that deliver results.     

With a background in both B2B and B2C marketing, Bonita has worked in enough industries now to comfortably call herself a flexible generalist that’s just as happy knee-deep in keyword research, as she is when creating a sitemap or content plan.

Read more about Bonita our exceptional marketing consultant

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Alex is our secret weapon for anyone looking to connect with the Chinese market. With extensive experience across a range of industries in digital marketing, marketing strategy and retail & management, Alex always has her finger on the pulse of the very latest trends, and is quick to take the initiative for her clients with solutions for both immediate and long-term success.

With experience in both the New Zealand and Chinese markets, and a Master in Marketing from University of Auckland (UOA), Alex can easily slot herself into any project to deliver results that our clients will love. Outside of work, Alex loves doing pilates and cooking Chinese, sharing her dishes with friends and family.

Our Team of Marketing Consultants 2


Melissa is a Marketing Minds super  ⭐, working as our Senior Accounts Executive. With a bundle of experience working with Chinese media and social media projects, Melissa brings a plethora of knowledge and a strong ability to manage timelines and communicate ideas with others.

If you’re looking for someone who is precise and won’t miss a thing – she’s your gal!

She not only sees the bigger picture, but nothing will slip through the cracks if Melissa has anything to do with it!

marketing consultant, Kriti Robertson, marketing companies, marketing agency auckland, digital marketing agency


With her exceptional organisational and team-management skills, Kriti is the glue that ensures everything keeps ticking over as it should at Marketing Minds. As well as being head-honcho, Anne’s right hand-gal, Kriti’s other speciality is influencer digital marketing. Having grown her own social media brand with targeted video content, Kriti knows first hand the power of a personal brand and how to build it with a solid marketing strategy. An avid learner of things, Kriti never stops inquiring or bringing in fresh ideas to the table – with her latest interest being how to deliver well-thought through and strategic marketing automations that get cut-through end results.

When Kriti’s not knee-deep in her multi-tasking element at Marketing Minds, you’ll find her painting, cooking or globetrotting. A fun fact about Kriti is that she has lived in or traveled to 30 countries around the world.

Our Team of Marketing Consultants 3


The secret to any digital marketing agency is an out-of-this-world copywriter. That’s why we love Grace! She is our super star Chinese copywriter, winner of numerous awards including first place in both the journalism and publishing industry in China and over 20 years experience – phew!

Grace is our senior writer  for a variety of channels including WeChat and local Chinese media.

Her energetic and bubbly personality is woven into her work, bringing life to the projects she sets her mind to.

marketing coordinator, Heidi He, marketing companies, marketing agency auckland, digital marketing agency


One of the newest members of our growing team, Heidi is a creative & innovative marketing professional with more than six years of editing under her belt. Her successful experience as an editor means that she’s equipped with the right tools and know-how to tackle any writing project and develop content that gets results.

As an avid photographer since her university days, Heidi uses her free time to stay connected and on top of the latest trends via Chinese social media marketing, while regularly snapping tasty dishes just for fun!

marketing consultant, chun feng, marketing companies, marketing agency auckland, digital marketing agency


Chun 春 (a be-fitting name meaning Spring) , is our in-house creative. Chun is our very talented in-house illustrator, video-editor, graphic designer and Adobe expert. She thrives on learning and constantly improving herself so that her talent can shine for our clients.

Eye-catching, brand-relevant and impactful marketing campaigns, that’s what she’s all about. Chun puts the bow on top for Marketing Minds!

Marketing Consultant Mousedeer


Malaysian folklore portrays ‘M’, a mousedeer as clever, witty, truly canny creatures – characteristics we at Marketing Minds like to think we share.

We know that many people think M is a fox – considering the fox is also known for being wily and outsmarting everyone else, that’s certainly not a problem for us!

We love having M hanging around to support every marketing consultant and always delighting us with her wit.

We know that life is full of challenges and often, we forget how lucky we are. That’s why, we want to help others in need. Marketing Minds is currently committed to helping three charities.

In New Zealand, with the help of Scratchpad Technology Learning Centres, we assist less fortunate children become creators of technology.

We are also supporters of Mamaku Point Conservation Reserve, a thriving habitat to over 127 native species, helping improve the biodiversity, sustainability and accessibility of the reserve.

While in United States, we support the Sisters of Life – a religious order with the mission of educating women about the sacredness of life, while supporting and healing women in need.

We are just doing our part.

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