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 “The beautiful thing

about learning is that nobody

can take it away from you.” B.B. King

At Marketing Minds, we believe that knowledge is meant to be shared. So if you or your organisation has embraced marketing as a mindset, then the next step is to learn HOW to do it! Our Senior Marketers are standing by to help you and your team achieve this with our advanced marketing training programmes.

Marketing Coaching

Nothing like one on one guidance where you can have a Marketing Coach teach you how to do it right! From ensuring your website is developed correctly to rebranding, from optimising your website for conversion to best practice email marketing or how to use Survey Monkey or Mailchimp, we can teach you!

This is ideal for business owners that want to learn how to do it right themselves or companies with a junior marketing manager or coordinator.

Does this sound like you? Let our marketing consultants know as we’ll love to chat!

Marketing Training

At Marketing Minds, we have a number of marketing training programs (including digital marketing training) and workshops during the year focusing on two main areas.

Marketing Strategy and Plan Workshops

These workshops are designed for startups and entrepreneurs with limited budget. In the workshop, you will learn the science behind a marketing strategy and the art of getting it absolutely right. You will leave the workshop with a strategy, marketing plan and communication plan.

Interested? Best to call a marketing consultant now!

LinkedIn Workshops

Yes, we do specialise in making LinkedIn work for you and your business (in fact, we teach other marketers how to do this!). From utilising LinkedIn as a marketing tool to social selling, from leads acquisition to personal branding, we know how to get you the results.

Talk to us now regarding training your internal team on LinkedIn or checkout more information about our LinkedIn Training for beginners, intermediate and advanced Linkedin users.

Other Workshops

We often receive enquiries to learn the ins and outs of marketing that we are able to customise to you. If this is what you’re after, please call a marketing coach to discuss your requirements.

If this is of interest to you, please email us on info@marketingminds.me or

call 09 634 4390 for a chat.

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We’d love to help! Drop us a line on 09 634 4390 or email info@marketingminds.me to discuss your needs.
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