Cross Border Marketing

“Limits, like fear,

are often an illusion.” -Michael Jordan

What is Cross Border Marketing?

If you’re an organisation with ambitions to export, cross border e-commerce and the associated cross border marketing are often the first steps. Not only will you minimise cost and risk, this will also help you proof, refine and prepare for in-market presence.

Cross Border Marketing is required as a result of Cross Border trading. This is where the seller in one country is selling to buyers residing in a different country and the seller needs to reach, market and communicate with the potential customers. You can say that Cross Border Marketing is a prelude to exporting- at a lower risk and cost. This is enabled with e-commerce (also known as Cross Border e-commerce – CBEC) and efficient shipping and logistics solutions worldwide.

In order to be ready for Cross Border trading, there are a number of critical foundation pillars required in addition to the product or service and distribution. Regardless of whether you are targeting China, United States, Australia or Malaysia, Marketing Minds outsourced services can help.

Our Cross Border marketing services include:


Ensuring your brand positioning, name, look and feel are relevant to your target country and audiences. This might include a version of the brand name in the local language and how the brand positioning needs to evolve in order to penetrate a new market.


Develop a cross border marketing entry strategy that takes into account the right brand messages, call to actions, and channel selection. This also needs to be evaluated against the current core strategy of the brand and cross cultural differences that exist.


Evaluate an international pricing structure that is sustainable and minimises the cannibalisation from country to country.

Marketing material

Ensure your brand has the necessary marketing materials whether it is a webpage, packaging modification or brochures that have been accurately translated to retain the key brand messages.


With various e-commerce platforms, social media channels and search engines, it is critical to ensure that your brand has a presence in the most impactful and effective channels only. These can be WeChat, Weibo, Xiahongshu (Little Red Book) and more.

Payment systems

With different countries, preferred methods of payment can also vary. Such as with China, their preferred payment methods are WeChat Pay and AliPay. We can help to sort this out for you.

Marketing engagement and communication

Marketing Minds will assist you with a communications plan, messages and even implementation of your marketing and advertising.

Once a brand is ready to have physical presence in the overseas market (from financial, branding and distribution aspects) that is when actual exporting begins.

Working with Marketing Minds team of marketing consultants will ensure that you are well prepared for this leap.

Cross Border E-Commerce to China

One of our specific expertise is helping companies prepare a market entry strategy for CBEC (Cross border e-commerce) into China. New Zealand is in a unique position where the Chinese become aware of and trust a brand here in New Zealand through the Chinese in NZ. As a result, often the first step for a brand to export into China is to establish a brand presence among the Chinese here. 

Marketing Minds can assist with the processes required to effectively set up your new CBEC channel, including the market entry strategy, marketing planning, communication channels and processes required. We have a Chinese marketing team and knowledge of both local and Chinese Daigou and CBEC channel partners to make the process as smooth as possible.

Interested in finding out more about Chinese events to market for? Download our 2024 cross-cultural marketing calendar.

If this is of interest to you, please email us at info@marketingminds.me or call 09 634 4390 for a chat.

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