Market Research for Re-branding: A Case Study

Re-branding a New Zealand Fashion Label that Wholesale and Retails internationally

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The situation:

Fashion Mania* used a brand for their marketing that was dated and polarising, with a strong and loyal customer base on one hand, and another set of people who would refuse to even walk into their shop. For future proofing and to gain a wider appeal, re-branding was a must. Marketing Minds’ task was to create a brand that would achieve these goals without alienating Fashion Mania’s existing clientele using market research and a sound implementation strategy.

What we did:

• Put in place a thorough re-branding schedule and internal and external communication plan
• Selected key suppliers to work on the re-branding project
• Project managed the re-branding from conception right through to the communication strategy with internal staff, partners and customers
• Worked with the creative agency to develop the logo, do market research and obtain internal agreement for the changes
• Organised the right PR, media, social media and creative teams and outlets for the brand launch

The outcomes of effective market research:

• Company wide and key stakeholder buy-in to the re-branding
• Successful launch and smoothly staged revealing of the brand
• Activation of internal ambassadors, key customers and partners that provided further exposure for the new brand
• Obtained extensive PR coverage and awareness for the brand at launch


*The Client’s name has been changed to protect the company’s identity.

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