Marketing to the Chinese in NZ: 2024 Calendar

Marketing to the Chinese in NZ: 2024 Calendar 1


Cross-Cultural Marketing to the Chinese market in NZ

The Chinese in NZ are the fastest growing population in the country. Because of this, it is essential to the success of New Zealand businesses that they recognise the potential of the Chinese population in NZ and what this community has to offer.

To effectively implement a cross-cultural marketing plan, there needs to be a greater understanding of a cultures values. One of the easiest ways to begin understanding a communities values is by looking at what they celebrate. Once a company understands what a culture values, they can incorporate these cultural aspects into their marketing tactics while remaining sensitive and in good taste.

To help out, Marketing Minds has been creating a yearly calendar that highlights important New Zealand and Chinese dates. This NZ and Chinese calendar offers insight into upcoming holidays, festivals and dates that can offer a multitude of marketing opportunities to any New Zealand business.

Just fill the form below for our 2024 calendar and gain better insight in Chinese community in NZ !

Or take a look at our Chinese NZ 2023 calendar!

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