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Allie – Digital Marketing Specialist

Allie’s job as a lead generation and digital marketing specialist is to prove your instincts correct through research-based facts – no smoke and mirrors, just cold hard stats. She’s got the experience to back up her instinct too because she’s done the hard yards of website optimisation and digital strategies for over 20 years and both for her own businesses and for 100s of customers, small and medium sized, around the world.

Allie has her eye on the customer first and believes in sound market research on customer behaviour to get the absolute best results. If you don’t know who your customers are and how they’re searching to find you, your design and optimisation efforts are a stab in the internet dark at best.

She has all those letters after her name that make her legit and we love that she has chosen NZ over the UK as her home and is part of the Marketing Minds team.

The Strategist

Allie is all about getting the long term best results. She doesn’t get lost in the detail, can see the woods for the trees. She really understands the big picture – this is no easy task when delving into the data on a daily basis.

Allie in 3 words…

  • Focused
  • Savvy
  • Real
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