Digital Marketing Strategy Turned Business Around: Case Study

Digital Marketing Strategy Grew a Pet Care Business by 30% When Competitors Struggled 


The situation:

Furry Friends* are based in Auckland and specialise in grooming small dogs and doggie daycare. This business is owned by Sally* who only bought the business from the previous owner only about a year ago.


As a result of the COVID-19 lockdown, Sally’s business stagnated and was barely breaking even. She was aware that her growth was too small and not as positive as it could have been in a pandemic-free environment. In the eyes of most, dog grooming has not deemed a necessity, and an expense many could do without. As a result of all unessential businesses being closed,  Sally was concerned about the viability of Furry Friends, especially once life returned to normal. She was in a less than ideal position as she had taken on full-time staff just a month before lockdown with the idea of growing her business, only to have to close for 2 months. Sally had also learnt all management and marketing skills on the job and she had the desire to increase clientele but was unable to do so alone. She was unhappy with the thought of Furry Friends decreasing in customer base due to COVID-19, and turned to Marketing Minds marketing agency to mitigate the negative effects that the pandemic had had on her business.



Sally understood the front-facing work of the business having worked as a dog groomer before taking it over. However, she had no experience as a manager and didn’t have the business experience required to run the business alone. In addition to this, her workload was intensive as Sally was running the business in addition to working within it as a groomer. Furry Friends’ profitability was low and Sally struggled to improve this as all customer data she inherited was only phone numbers. Unfortunately, the previous business model didn’t incorporate integrated data/systems and Sally was left with no information to create a digital marketing strategy. This meant aspects such as automated email marketing were impossible and as a result, she reached far fewer potential customers. She couldn’t be expected to grow or even retain current customers post COVID without this strategy in place.


What we did:

Marketing Minds marketing agency picked up where Sally was lacking and helped set up the necessary foundations for her business to thrive, through digital performance strategy. This included starting with the baseline questions, which were the right marketing software and CRM to use?

Our marketing coach discussed options for Furry Friends with Sally who then helped with the transition of customer phone numbers to more sophisticated software. This included the incorporation of email addresses, to create more touchpoints which facilitated smooth communication with customers to showcase upcoming deals. This also enabled a greater reach to potentially interested customers through email marketing. We restricted her pricing model by evaluating the prices of her products in comparison to competitor’s directly comparable product prices. By doing so, we identified areas she could both upsell and cross-sell into existing and new services and products. The new digital marketing strategy of Furry Friends increased the online visibility of the business.

We achieved this by:

This allowed us to benchmark, track and monitor milestones towards Sally’s business goals.

Outcomes of the new digital marketing strategy:

Furry Friends’ profitability grew by 30%, even after the post-lockdown rush had settled down. This was a huge achievement as other comparable businesses struggled even to retain clientele. Sally diligently actioned the recommendations of Marketing Minds marketing coach, which helped to achieve various wins. This led to gains both economically and in terms of client base, by following the proposed digital marketing strategy. Achievements included Furry Friends being able to increase prices of selected services and start charging for previously free services while remaining competitive in the market. Sally also learnt to communicate with clients via emails to encourage bookings, introduce changes and new products and services.


*The client’s name has been hidden to protect the company identity


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