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Digital Marketing Strategy Grew a Pet Care Business by 30% When Competitors Struggled 

The challenge:

Furry Friends* are based in Auckland and specialise in grooming dogs and doggie daycare. This business is owned by Sally* who only bought the business from the previous owner only about a year ago.

As a result of the COVID-19 lockdown, Sally’s business stagnated and was barely breaking even. She was aware that her growth was too small and not as positive as it could have been in a pandemic-free environment. In the eyes of most, dog grooming has not deemed a necessity, and an expense many could do without. As a result of all unessential businesses being closed,  Sally was concerned about the viability of Furry Friends, especially once life returned to normal.

She was in a less than ideal position as she had taken on full-time staff just a month before lockdown with the idea of growing her business, only to have to close for 2 months. Sally had the desire to increase clientele but was unable to do so alone. She was unhappy with the thought of Furry Friends decreased customer base due to COVID-19, and turned to Marketing Minds marketing agency to mitigate the negative effects that the pandemic had had on her business.

What we did:

As a marketing agency, a Marketing Minds marketing coach assisted Sally to identify a marketing strategy and plan in order to ensure Furry Friends has the necessary foundations to grow from.  This included starting with asking the right questions and delving into all marketing, sales and conversion channels as well as evaluating the current CRM and marketing software used.
From here, Marketing Minds was able to develop a robust marketing strategy and a step by step implementation plan that is aligned to Sally’s business goals. We ensured that this plan was simple enough to be achievable, yet effective for a small business like Furry Friends. 

We achieved this by:

  • Reviewing the pricing model for Furry Friends in order to identify opportunities in the pricing and services offered
  •  Mapping the customer journey and optimising the conversion path to bookings
  •  Reviewing the customer database and identifying effective and best fit marketing software 
  •  Evaluating customer behaviour and maximising transactions via the RFM (Recency, Frequency and Monetary) model
  •  Reallocating resources including time spent on marketing to areas that would deliver the greatest impact and return
  •  Enabling Sally to manage her own Facebook and Google ads campaigns including measurement and improvement
  •  Coaching Sally on how to improve organic Google ranking through implementing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) best practices
  •  Teaching Sally on best practice marketing management and execution as well as the marketing metrics to monitor such as Google Analytics

This allowed us to benchmark, track and monitor milestones towards Sally’s business goals.

Outcomes of the new digital marketing strategy:

Furry Friends’ profitability grew by 30%, even after the post-lockdown rush had settled down. This was a huge achievement as other comparable businesses struggled even to retain clientele. Sally diligently actioned the recommendations of Marketing Minds marketing coach, which helped to achieve various wins.

In addition to the sales growth, Furry Friends was also able to achieve the following:
  •  Increase pricing, change the pricing model in order to charge for services that were previously free
  •  Up sell and cross sell her product and services
  •  Refocus her messaging to be succinct and compelling
  •  Re-engage lapsed customers to return
  •  Reduce the ‘blockages’ to bookings with moving to a new CRM and booking software
  •  Pre-sell her services
  •  Utilise the appropriate marketing software to enable more frequent and relevant communication.

*The client’s name has been hidden to protect the company identity


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