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Anne Casey

Anne has spent the last 23 years in Auckland, New Zealand honing her marketing skills, now working as a marketing consultant. Along the way making friends and admirers in senior international marketing and advertising management roles for Kiwi icons like Farmers Trading Company, Ziera Shoes and Pumpkin Patch Ltd. Anne then showed off her entrepreneurial skills by co-founding tradebox.co.nz in 2007.

Anne has done everything in marketing from strategy & branding to execution, direct marketing to social media, and advertising to market research. She hasn’t just mastered bricks and mortar marketing either – Anne is also an expert when it comes to digital marketing, having worked in both arenas all over the world, including Australia, the USA, and Hong Kong. Her most recent passion and a key area of focus are cross cultural marketing to migrant communities in NZ, especially the Chinese.

Maybe it’s the caffeine, or maybe she’s just an Energizer Bunny – either way, she just keeps going!


Anne believes that marketing know-how should be shared with businesses that need it most. This is why she trains internal teams on all aspects of marketing and also holds regular LinkedIn training courses and workshops to maximise the efforts of her clients. Anne is also SEMRush certified.

ANNE- Marketing Consultant 1

Manaaki Advisor

Anne is one of the expert advisors at the Manaaki, a government-backed platform that helps small businesses for free in the aftermath of COVID-19.

ANNE- Marketing Consultant 2

The Catalyst

A person that precipitates change. Anne is known as the catalyst with her skills in taking positive action and working to make the right changes for her clients – action speaks louder than words and that’s what Anne is all about.

Anne in 3 words…

  • Integrity
  • Insightful
  • Engaging

If you want to know more about Anne, have a look at these words of wisdom she strives to live by.

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