Strategy and Branding

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.

Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” Sun Tzu

Brand Architecture and Re-branding Strategy

If only business was pure science, but it is not. Ensuring your brand marketing strategy is right is an art and critical for every business. Whether it is a new brand, rebranding or a refresh of your current brand, we will help ensure that you get it right from the start and also help to implement the transition.

Marketing Strategy & Plan

Marketing Minds will provide the expertise in strategy development to grow both brand awareness, leads and sales in ways that are cost effective. Our strength is in working with you to set the right marketing action plan, draw up an action-oriented plan and assist you with the implementation. Our services include content, communication, promotional and social media planning.

Market Research & Insights

Marketing Minds offers a 360-degree review of your marketing, industry, and trends in order to improve your marketing performance, identify new growth opportunities and ensure the right budget allocation. We conduct deep-dive marketing and competitive analysis, can initiate green fields research with our partners or work with your own data to come up with key insights and practical recommendations to help propel your business.

Marketing Blueprint

Ever wanted to see your brand’s core goals, brand promise and messages, target markets, overall strategy, action plan, and deliverables for your business all on ONE page? This is what we provide in our Marketing Blueprint.

This Marketing Minds single page magically simplifies complex marketing needs and hones in on what is most important to grow and sustain your brand. It’s the foundation for success, the cheat sheet and a constant reminder of the path you need to take, and we think it’s a winner!

Social Media

There are only two truths to social media – 1) it’s forever changing, and 2) your customer is using it in some form. We can help overlay a social media strategy and plan that will work for your business. This will take into account your resources, the realistic mix, right messages, relevance with quality over quantity. Furthermore, if your internal team needs training on LinkedIn, Facebook or even WeChat, we can help to upskill and teach them what is best practice.

For many small to medium businesses, you may qualify for an NZTE grant from the government to help fund marketing strategy and branding requirements. Marketing Minds is an NZTE registered service provider and we can assist you through the grant application process.

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