New Zealand Service Industry Provider

Gauging Performance and Obtaining Referrals

The situation:

John*, a licensor, bought a business in the service industry working with property investors, that had a number of unhappy clients. He worked hard for 6 months to improve the service but didn’t have any way of knowing how the clients felt about the business, or of garnering recommendations from them.

What we did:

Marketing Minds was brought in to assess John’s customer reactions to his business and use that information to help promote the business. To do this, we:

  • Structured an online survey measuring customer satisfaction, collecting valuable feedback and referrals.
  • Set up a measure that could be used to continually gauge client satisfaction and determine how likely of word of mouth would be from existing clients
  • Developed a “how to” set of instructions so that these steps could be rolled as part of a requirement to all his licensees as a continual measure of performance

The outcomes:

  • An easy to use survey that could be duplicated and can continue to be used as the company adds on more licensees
  • A simple yet informative measure into client satisfaction including NPS (Net Promoter Score)
  • A window into what the clients want, what was important to their clients, and how they could improve the business to ensure customer satisfaction and word of mouth marketing

*The Client’s name has been changed to protect his/her identity.

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