Outsourced Marketing Services: A Case Study

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Rental Management Company

The situation:

Katie* has a business worth over $4.5 million and did not have a marketing team. Without the time or expertise for this field, she used Marketing Minds outsourced marketing services to effectively execute marketing tactics.

What we did:

Marketing Minds served as a go-between for Katie and the suppliers, as well as carrying out everything required for a successful marketing campaign. We:

• Designed relevant briefs and managed the selection process for the best suppliers
• Project managed workflow and communication with suppliers
• Reviewed all proposals and recommended the right partners
• Negotiated contracts to benefit Katie and her business
• Managed new product launches
• Regular communication to Katie’s clients such as through e-newsletters, product manuals

The outcomes:

Thanks to Marketing Minds outsourced marketing services, the following goals were achieved for Katie’s business:

• Easy, worry free experience for Katie through selecting the right suppliers and transitioning without any issues
• New marketing and promotional campaigns delivered successfully “website conversion by an average of 3.5% while reducing our ad spend by 10%”
• The right messages communicated effectively through the right marketing channels
• Measures put in place to monitor the success of the campaigns and allow for continuous improvements.
• Increase in revenue


*The Client’s name has been changed to protect his/her identity.



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