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5 Top Strategies Revealed

The Chinese population in New Zealand is over 170,000. This is larger than the population of Hamilton and growing. As business owners and marketers, this is not a segment that we can ignore. Let’s be real though, what we know about traditional marketing to Kiwis does not always apply to the Chinese consumer in New Zealand.

Those businesses and brands that make an effort to really understand their drivers and behaviour will reap the rewards.

So what do you need to know? Which channels are the best to use, how do you build a Chinese marketing strategy alongside your mainstream marketing? Do we need to translate content?

We have listed 5 top strategies and a lot more insights that all Kiwi businesses should learn when considering penetrating the Chinese market.

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Connecting through LinkedIn is now easier with the QR Code.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is changing at a rapid pace – not only it is tricky to keep up but a lot of businesses are yet to dip their toes into the water in the first place or have given up before they’ve even started.

Time to take notice! The benefits are there even for the smallest brands when It’s done well, but it does take time and some dedicated budget.

You don’t have to be a technology expert and there are good agencies out there to help you out.

First things first though – check out our simple BEST PRACTICE TIPS on what to look out for and how your business can benefit.

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Connecting through LinkedIn is now easier with the QR Code.

A Guide On How To Rebrand For Kiwi Businesses

Time to update your brand? Feeling like it’s time for a logo refresh? A change is a good as a holiday right? Well, maybe. Re-branding can be a great idea, but it isn’t necessarily as easy as you think and could end being time and resource heavy. It can also lead to a loss in sales and loyal customers if done without a solid plan. So, make sure you get it right with our 7 Steps guide to Re-Branding and get in touch if you need a helping hand. Read More…


Navigating The Changes On Search Appearances

3 Emerging WeChat Trends That Every NZ Business Should Know

WeChat is more than just a social media app, it is THE most popular communication, mobile payment, and social media app. The other unique fact is that Chinese are comfortable using it for both personal communication and business interaction. WeChat can be referred to as the ‘swiss army knife’ application  because of it’s all inclusive functionality. Read More…


Handy LinkedIn Tip: Maximising Search Alert

Comparison Between Facebook, WeChat, WhatsApp and Messenger

Most of us now spend more time accessing information, services and now shopping from our mobile phones than ever before making ‘m-commerce’ a critical part of any marketing strategy. Social media apps are amongst the most used mobile applications so it’s important to know which ones to use to best serve a purpose (for example sharing content, online shopping, corporate messaging and so on).

We have compiled a simple comparison table demonstrating the key functions of each of the Social Media Giants including Chinese mega app WeChat – the new ‘giant’ in your social media arsenal. Read More…


Navigating The Changes On LinkedIn Company Page

Why is Your Social Media Dying a Painful Death?

Social Media Marketing may look easy, but there is quite a lot of depth to it. If you don’t know how to use those powerful tools properly, you might find yourself wasting your capital with no returns. For some tips on how to correctly position your business within Social Media, Read More..


Navigating The Changes On LinkedIn Company Page

A Guide to Today’s Marketing Channels

Marketing is only as effective as how you are getting your message and brand out to your target market. However the channels available now have grown exponentially and it is more complex than eve.  How do you know which one combination is right for your business? Here you will find a chart that shows you all the different marketing channels and the results you can expect from them. Read More…

Latest research on mobile apps

Latest research on mobile apps

Considering getting an app developed for your business or service?

Make an informed decision on whether or not to by having a look at trends and factors to acknowledge and be aware of before you hop on the app bandwagon. Read more…


True or False: Social media is for everyone

Social media is such a buzz word and it is also creating a lot of confusion.

Is it true that every man and his dog should be on Facebook or some other social media platform? This is a huge topic and in this article, I will hopefully help you decide if social media is right for you and your business through a few simple yes/no questions. Read more..


Thinking of rebranding? Here’s how to get it right

The reasons often given for wanting to do a rebrand can range from our brand is tired to we’ve evolved and have extended our services beyond what the market thinks. The question is, do you really need to change the brand?

The spectrum of “change” can be as minor as a slight tweak of the logo to a total change of name, logo and company image. At which spectrum of the change should you engage in? How do you know that you’ve gone far enough or too far?  Here’s what you need to do. Read more..

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