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LinkedIn has added functionality to the profile page, where we get information on how we are being discovered. According to LinkedIn, “with more than 20 million professionals using LinkedIn search every week, these insights can help you understand where opportunities are coming from so that you can better optimize your profile to get connected to a new job, or other professional opportunities”.

How will you see this new feature using your computer?

a. Go to your LinkedIn Profile, by clicking your image on the upper right hand of your screen

b. Click ‘View Profile’




c. Just below your profile summary, you will see “Your Dashboard” section

d. Click “Search Appearances”



“Search Appearances” will allow you to do the following:

  • View number of people that found you in search results on a weekly basis
  • You will see the companies and positions of the people who found you, as well as their roles. This will provide you with an idea of who is interested in you and opportunities that may exist within the organisation.



And there seems to be another exciting update from LinkedIn on the way – “Coming soon, we’ll also show you search keywords for which your profile is being found.” Watch out for that!


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