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Have you ever wondered what a marketing agency does?

For growth and development, the marketing of your brand is crucial when it comes to making your business known. The role of marketing is more important than ever in this time of recession as it increases awareness, and as a result, sales. Unfortunately, it is difficult knowing where to start. Fortunately, there are a multitude of marketing agencies, each specialising in different fields to help you with this ranging from advertising to social media marketing.  A marketing agency is a business that helps with the research, strategy, analysis, branding etc. of other businesses to help support long term success.

Want to know why hiring a marketing consulting agency will be good for YOUR business? Read on.

Nine Reasons to Hire a Marketing Agency

  • Often attempting to assess your own businesses strengths and weaknesses is ineffective as you become too involved to see the day to day issues that often arise. Hiring a marketing agency removes any bias and provides a fresh and unfiltered perspective.
  • Marketing consultants will draw from their wide range of experience and will provide you with a comprehensive audit of your performance. This includes a detailed evaluation of every possibility available to you which will give you a clear focus in marketing to sharpen your skills. Outcomes will then be evaluated, and success will be looked at to determine the best route going forward.
  • As with anything you’re unsure of, often you won’t get it right immediately, and as marketing is a skill-based domain, trying multiple times to get it right is time and money consuming. When a marketing agency is brought into play, your business will quickly become more efficient as you will get it right the first time as opposed to the fifth, with no trial and error involved.
  • Typically, small businesses don’t have high-level marketing knowledge, resources and skills to build their business in house. Trying to figure it out alone is often time-consuming and ineffective but this is a sphere that marketing consultants excel in! They are well equipped with information to help the growth of your brand, regardless as to its stage in development. This means your business does not have to navigate something they are unsure of alone.
  • Hiring a marketing agency is not an overhead cost, it is not an ongoing business expense but instead pay-as-you-go, in the sense that you pay for what you need with no permanent extras in this area. In addition to this, a marketing agency is often far more cost-effective than hiring one or two in-house marketing team members, with a wider and deeper understanding than an individual marketing team member.
  • When caught up in the coming and going of daily business life, it becomes difficult to keep track of what is going on in your market and there is little time to put in a enough research. Marketing consultants understand this and can identify insights which is what creates business opportunity and direction through research. This is essential to establish an efficient business strategy
  • Marketing consulting agencies will consider both offline and online opportunities. Digital marketing strategies are also considered! This approach is not biased and a well-rounded holistic approach as consultants work with other providers to get the implementation done.
  • Marketing consultants work across multiple industries, having learnt from other places, businesses, structures etc. They have worked with a wide variety of brands, from franchises and online businesses to sole traders, wholesalers and retailers. They have a lot of experience, knowledge and perspective to guide and encourage your business.
  • You will be taught how to successfully benchmark, matching the marketing needs of the business to its stage of growth. Consultants recognise and understand what the best practise is. To be a consultant takes years of experience, and this experience provides a roadmap for how to grow through the respective stages of business development.

Marketing Minds, as a marketing consulting agency, will help with planning for the long-term health of your business and give you the ability to outgrow your competitors. Strategy is essential and must be considered, and we can help with that too! Find out further about the type of marketing agency that’s right for your business.


If you want some more personalised advice on reaching your marketing objectives,or if you have any other questions, call us at +64 9 6344 390, email info@marketingminds.me or contact us.
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