LinkedIn Learning: Name Pronunciation Recording

LinkedIn Learning - how to add your name pronunciation recording

LinkedIn Learning: How to help LinkedIn users pronounce your name correctly 

LinkedIn is a great platform for creating new connections, and you may even end up meeting these people in person, but there’s nothing worse than having your name pronounced wrong or messing up someone else’s name. Correct name pronunciation is not only common courtesy, but it also makes a good first impression and can help others feel welcome and valued. 

LinkedIn has rolled out a new feature that lets you record the correct pronunciation of your name, and display it on your profile. Check out how to add this feature to your profile: 

Note: this can only be set up using the LinkedIn app on your phone, it is not available on desktop yet. 

  1. Open the LinkedIn app on your iOS/Android mobile, and go to your profile 
  2. A banner should pop up below your name, click ‘Add name pronunciation’. If there’s no banner, simply click the pencil icon on the right of your profile picture. LinkedIn Learning – add name pronunciation
  3. A prompt will pop up asking for access to your microphone, click ‘OK’LinkedIn Learning – allow LinkedIn access to microphone
  4. Record yourself saying your name by pressing and holding down the microphone button, release when done LinkedIn Learning – record yourself saying your name
  5. Playback your recording, if you’re happy with it click ‘Apply’, if you want to try again click ‘Retake’ LinkedIn Learning – listen to your recording
  6. You can edit who has access to your recording by clicking the button that says ‘All LinkedIn members’. Select whether you only want 1st-degree connections to listen, or all LinkedIn members. LinkedIn Learning – select who can listen to your name
  7. Click ‘Save’ once you’re done. You can edit or delete the recording by clicking the pencil icon next to ‘Your audio recording’ LinkedIn Learning – edit, delete or save your recording
  8. You’re all set! People can now listen to your name pronunciation by clicking the speaker symbol next to your name. LinkedIn Learning – your name pronunciation recording

LinkedIn Learning things to note:

  • The total recording must be less than 10 seconds 
  • Try record in a quiet area to minimise background noise 
  • Hold your phone about 10cm away from your mouth 
  • You can listen to others’ name pronunciation on all devices (desktop/mobile/app), but can only set up and edit yours within the app. 

Note: Your company may also qualify for government subsidy with these workshops.

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