Case Study 5: LINKEDIN TRAINING 1Launching a Startup via LinkedIn

The situation:

Shane* had come out of an accounting firm in order to start up his own accounting business but was not allowed to approach clients his worked for in the previous job. Shane realised that he needed to work on his LinkedIn profile which would help him get into contact with them but wasn’t sure how to use it to its maximal ability.

What we did:

Although different to marketing a business, Marketing Minds approached this project in a similar way, by understanding Shane’s goals and coming up with a plan to help him achieve those goals. During this process, we:

  • Welcomed Shane to our LinkedIn training where we informed him on the foundations and etiquette of the social platform.
  • Taught Shane about how he could become visible as well as finding and extending his connections.
  • Giving Shane the tools to use LinkedIn to its maximum potential for himself and his new business.

The outcomes:

  • Optimised Shane’s profile through utilising LinkedIn’s purpose of being found in today’s tech-heavy world.
  • Maximised exposure of his profile via various LinkedIn tactics therefore Shane was able to start up with almost 40 clients without approaching them, but connecting via LinkedIn and appearing in search results.


*The Client’s name has been changed to protect his/her identity

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