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Strategy & Branding

Thinking of Rebranding? Here’s How to Get It Right

You may have many reasons you think you need to rebrand, but you need to ask yourself – do we really need to change the brand? This rebranding checklist will help you get it right.

A Guide On How To Rebrand For Kiwi Businesses

Many articles about rebranding emphasise WHY you should rebrand, but we’re here to make sure you’re making the right decision to rebrand in the first place.

Case Studies:

Marketing Strategy: A National Packaging and Bag Supplier

Rebranding: Rebranding a fashion business without alienating their existing clientele

Company Merger: Positioning a building supplier within a newly merged brand


Digital Marketing

The Latest Advertising Standards for Social Media, User Generated Content, & Influencers

The Advertising Standards Authorities (ASA) have recently released a new Advertising Standards code. If you have your own social media platforms, use influencers to promote your brand, or engage in UGC – have a read of this article!

Digital Marketing Best Practice Guidelines

For those small businesses yet to really dip their toes into the world of digital marketing, here’s some basic best practice principles to help you kick off on the right foot.

Latest Research on Mobile Apps

We look at some common reasons why businesses consider getting a new app developed. Are these the right reasons? Have a read to find out about some hard data and trends in this area.

Why Is Your Social Media Marketing Dying A Painful Death?

What actually is Social Media and what is driving it? How is it evolving and how will it affect you? We answer these common questions.

Comparison Between Facebook, WeChat, WhatsApp AND Messenger

It can be difficult to explain what WeChat is and what it can and can’t do. So for those of you that understand Facebook, WhatsApp and Messenger, keep reading to see what is possible (or not) among these apps.

Case Study:

Digital Strategy: Transforming an E-Commerce business into Full Time Operation on a Shoestring Budget


Lead Generation

True Or False: Social Media is For Everyone

For most small and medium businesses, social media is a luxury and even though it is here to stay, most businesses have to be selective about whether to engage in social media. Here’s what you need to know about the key platforms before you take the leap.

The Power of Marketing Automation – why this is a must

We now offer a new marketing automation service using Sharpspring. Find out here if it’s right for you.

Case Study:

Gauging Performance and Obtaining Referrals: A New Zealand Service Industry Provider


Audit, Planning & Implementation

A Complete Guide to Marketing Channels and Measures

The colossal and ever changing growth of the internet has thrown more options into the marketing mix than ever before! So how will you know which channel(s) is right for you? Here’s a complete guide to each marketing channel and what you can expect from each one.

Case Study:

Outsourced Marketing: A rental management company


Cross Cultural Marketing

Cross Cultural Marketing- 2020 Marketing Calendar

Here’s a comprehensive 2020 Calendar that shows you the of Chinese festivities and other celebrations relevant to Chinese both in NZ and in China.

2019 Chinese Social Media Marketing Trends

News from CHina CHat conference, Shanghai – the biggest English conference dedicated to WeChat and China online digital marketing including latest trends on marketing to the Chinese. Trust us, things move faster than you think in this market!

Top Tips on How to Market to The Chinese – Chinese Marketers in NZ Interviewed

You may have had a taste of what the Chinese market offers and want to explore further, but don’t know how or where to access this huge market with tremendous opportunities. Read along to find out more.

3 Emerging WeChat Trends That Every NZ Business Should Know

WeChat is probably the most used mobile app among Chinese speaking communities globally. It is now the most heavily used mobile app in China, more than any social media app!

Top 5 Strategies Revealed! Marketing to Chinese in NZ

There are many misconceptions and a lack of understanding as to how to market to the Chinese target segment in NZ. So, what are the top strategies that marketers can use?


LinkedIn for Business

Inviting Connections to Follow Your LinkedIn Company Page

On LinkedIn, a LinkedIn company page is the foundation for your business and growing followers to that page. LinkedIn has made it easy now as you can now Invite connections to follow your LinkedIn Company Page.

LinkedIn Company Page: Using Content Suggestions

LinkedIn’s functionality now comes up with article suggestions to share on LinkedIn, that are relevant to your target audience. Learn more about this very useful functionality here!

10 Reasons WHY LinkedIn is a MUST

Well, here are 10 reasons of many as to why you should use LinkedIn and why it has risen to be the most powerful business social media platform in the world.

Connecting using LinkedIn’s QR Code

LinkedIn has added a new feature to the profile page, the QR Code. We can now connect with each other simply by scanning the QR Code via LinkedIn’s mobile app.

Navigating LinkedIn’s Search Appearances

Learning how to navigate LinkedIn’s Search Appearances will enable you to better improve and optimise your profile, in order to be found, get new leads and business opportunities.

Maximising Search Alerts on LinkedIn 

Knowing how to use the search function is essential for making the most out of LinkedIn. The LinkedIn search alert feature allows you to store the search information you’ve just run, saving time when repeating the search process later on.

Manage your recommendations on LinkedIn

Learn how you can sort through your valuable recommendations with our handy step-by-step LinkedIn recommendations guide. Whether you want to better manage your positive feedback or keep certain things hidden, we can show you how.

Your security and privacy on LinkedIn

Ever wondered who can see your profile on LinkedIn and what exactly they are looking at? The updated security section has separated each function into new groups to clearly manage your privacy on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has sensitive information on your profile that you don’t need everyone to see, these LinkedIn tips will help you better manage your account.

Case Studies:

LinkedIn Lead Generation: Mike Parkes and Associates

Increasing Visibility and Connections via LinkedIn: Launching a start-up accounting business

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